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Merchant Marines, Officer discussed on The Endless Honeymoon Podcast


So I. I love the fact that you said. He fled by the way because he did. Yeah I wouldn't have described it as he left. He fled the for the authorities. Were after him and he had must've been must have been alternate side parking that yeah well. According to him he has read a lot about epidemiology. So He's an expert. Oh wait so not only. Is he living in a shipping container? But he's also a covert truth. This guy gets better. Those guys like a Russian doll of red flags keeper. You get in the more you want to get out. Yeah I mean. This is like the tip of the iceberg with him. I mean that's I feel like I should have stuck with the first attempt which was after like a terrible Valentine's based of awful. What happened Well we plan to go camping on his Land upstate or is he called it just living? That's true when there are no other options. You're just trying survive And he invited his friend to the weekend who was going through. She divorce love. It's up parole office. He fled his parole officer. So this guy. This guy is beneath you. You don't like him he he. You don't stand for the same things you don't like morals you don't you think he's kind of a loser. You don't respect him. So why do you lie to you? Ever text combat. I guess I just feel like if I were alone and like very alone I feel like and I only had a couple of people that I contacted. Then like losing one of those people when you're alone fields really new and will end so yeah Zoa. LemMe ask you something. Do you must care about him on some level right I do. I don't think you I think he means well. He's just a stone cold. Astle sure but I I was going to say. Don't you think he deserves to be with somebody that respects him? Yes yes so isn't staying with him and staying in this data set with somebody that you don't respect and he deserves to be with some of the respect isn't it doesn't seem like compassionate seems like Maybe it's not the opposite of compassion. Maybe it's kind of like not nice to keep them on the hook. You're never going to give him what he wants. So I mean listen if you want to get rid of the Guy. Called the Merchant Marines them and just get him on the road. I mean you are correct. I think with like with corn keynote. It's hard to tell like there are no rules anymore. Everything is upside down.

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