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Braddock heights Frederick. Traffic and weather on the 8s, back to Rita Kessler now on the traffic center. In Maryland watch for the delays on southbound two, 70 after one 18 trying to make your way past Montgomery village avenue. This is the right lane blocked with the work zone. You'll also find delays in both directions of the beltway headed toward two O two so watch out for any activity there that inner loop delay actually stretches past two 14 central avenues. So we may have a mobile work crew along that stretch. In the district northbound south capitol street near Nats park and I treat it as a single lane getting by the milling and paving project that's causing delays coming off of the Douglas bridge. In Virginia, southbound 95 delays crossing the arkan, then you're gonna find it heavy in stretches from 6 ten garrisonville road headed past courthouse road, but good after that into Fredericksburg, northbound 95 seeing a delay in triangle. Inner loop of the beltway heavy approaching and passing two 36 little river turnpike, this is a scheduled work zone. In the left lane, back in Maryland getting across the bay bridge, good news the westbound span of the bridge is already running two way traffic, so three lanes eastbound, two lanes, westbound getting across the bay bridge, and no delays getting there. In the district D.C. two 95 northbound heavy from the 11th street bridge passing Pennsylvania avenue, southbound before benning road headed past these capital street. The WTO traffic centers presented by window nation by two windows get two free visit window nation dot com today. I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic. And a check of the forecast with chuck bell. Temperatures are going to stay in the mid to upper 80s on your Friday afternoon, a nice day to be outside. Most of your outdoor plans will not need a rain backup today. However, your weekend plans may. There's a

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