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The red zone, you want your safeties are at 8 yards instead of 14 yards. So you're playing against a ten man box, and they have a great they have a great understanding of run support and blocking schemes. So that's all they do is when they see that when they see that tight end or that end of line of scrimmage block. I mean, they're flying up the alley to make a tackle. And so you're four yards or 5 yards closer when you're in the red zone. And that's one of the reasons they're so good in the red zone. So yeah, their Henry's going to get his. Part of this is they're going to give up some of that running game to Derek Henry. They'll give that up. By the way, it looks like Ryan Tannehill will be playing quarterback not to Malik Willis coming back from the foot injury they had. So anyway, which is good, but Derek Henry to me won't be the reason they lose this game if they lose it. Next on the morning room. You know, we had some guys that played outstanding tonight, but canon was phenomenal. Logan O'Connor phenomenal. He got a pretty good night finishing. You know, the week capitalized on her chances in the scheme they didn't notice the difference. There is. Jared bedman. That's a good win last night. That was a really good way to ask beating Nashville 5 to three. I was a little bit Larry of this game because traveling back from Finland with the abs have their legs. I know they only played two games in the span of a couple of weeks, but I still kind of wondered if their legs would be there last night, but they were the ass get the win. I think maybe certainly inspired. It was Peter mcnab knight as the avalanche organization. Remembered, recognized, honored, celebrated, Peter mcbath's life, so that might have helped give the abs a little juice that maybe wouldn't have been there ordinarily, but that's an impressive way to boy. In the absence of key guys being out, boy are the abs, best players, really, really elevating their game right now. Nathan McKinnon, 21 points through 12 games, mikko ranton in 19 points through 12 games, they're well above a point per game pace, kale McCarthy at a point per game pace. So your stars are playing like stars and carrying this team while a lot of key guys are out. They'll do it for the morning brew, bring that to you each and every morning at 6 30. Troy rank will try to summarize what was even by Bronco standards, a pretty wild week out there. Troy joins us next. It's a Bud Light football Friday. Bud light, official beer sponsor of the Denver Broncos. Here schlereth and Abbott's. Our Denver 7 insider joins us presented by Rox rocks heating and air and Troy, you've been on the Bronco beat for quite some time. Even by Bronco standards, this has been quite the week, hasn't it. Yeah, I mean, this is what happens when you don't win. All the other stories become amplified from wristbands to faux hot dog eating on the sidelines. I mean, that's what happens. When you're three and 5 and you're one of the NFL's most disappointing teams. It's a little unfortunate because they actually did win a game in London and they have a chance to rescue this season. If you look at the schedule, Tennessee, a little compromised and then you play the Raiders at home and then at Carolina. But yeah, that's a surprise to me with the Broncos anymore. It's just they're always in the news. And when they're not winning, they're in the news for stuff that sometimes makes you shake your head. Yeah, no question about that, Troy. So wristband gate was something that was made a big deal of. Obviously, Russell Wilson wore a wristband in Jacksonville, my expecting him to wear a wristband this week and speed up some of the operation and stuff. Do you expect him to have that wristband on? And how much help do you think it was in that Jacksonville game in London? I absolutely expect him to wear it because they won with it. And he's practiced all week with it when I've been out there, Mark. Where it really made a difference it looks to me and I'm not in the huddle, but when they went up tempo, now you can't stay up temple an entire game, but it clearly helps them going up tempo. And when you go up tempo to be able to look at the wristband because you know better than anyone, Mark, these calls become so verbose and they're so lengthy that to just look down at the play sheet and call it out and save you ten seconds, that gets you out of the huddle sooner, gets you to the line of scrimmage sooner and also allows Hackett to stay in Wilson deer up to the 15 second mark of the play clock. So there are advantages of it. I understand some quarterbacks don't like it. They want to kind of be at their own pace and Wilson's credit, you know, I think Pete Carroll, I respect Pete Carroll. I think petty Pete Carroll's been a little much with this. He's winning the divorce. We all get it. But you want a lot of games with Wilson not wearing the wristband. I mean, you know Smith is a rich hand inside story. I get it. But so while people are like, why wouldn't Wilson wear the wristband before? Well, when you're successful in pro sports, you don't typically change. Now though, it's not successful. They have struggled mightily offensively. So they're basically marking the stage or whatever works. That's why they wear the same uniforms on the road with the white top and the blue trousers. You know how this goes. They're looking for anything to tie a knot and hang on here. So it can help, especially with the wristband in a tempo. Troy looking at the Broncos injure report from yesterday over half the guys that are on the injury report are listed with hamstring injuries. It has been an issue, an epidemic going back to Greg dulcich in the preseason. So what is being talked about over there in terms of the way that they're training these guys, treating these guys is this something the bronchos are taking a hard look at or is it just simply being passed off as coincidence? No, it's obviously something that they're taking a look at because of the sheer number of it. It's going across the league, but it's particularly hitting the Broncos hard. I mean, I reported yesterday that KJ handler is not playing this week. And that's unfortunate because if you look at the Titan defense, they struggle against plot receivers. You look at how did you Schuster Smith and Travis Kelsey set in pockets of zone? This setup is a potential big game for KJ handler. It was coming off that 47 yard reception to set up that final touchdown. But one of the things you have to look at with the hamstrings. And I'm not making excuses just as someone who's covered pro sports here for almost three decades. The altitudes of factor, you're coming off a biweek, and we have no humidity here. And if guys don't hydrate correctly, they get off their diet here, and then you come back out and go from zero to a hundred, too quickly. I've seen it. You pull hamstrings and you pull a belief muscles in baseball more specifically. It is a little different animal here at altitude, especially with time off and jumping back into it. In the case of Hamlet, he pulled his running go routes. And so I do think you also have to not just look at how they're training and treating it, but also how you're practicing. You have to be careful to incorporate all three of these things to make sure because these modern athletes and I know Mark will shift your editors, but they get trained almost like racehorses to do very specific things. And when they get out of that, I mean, I've noticed from coaching kids for 15 years. They get out of that and they're not too sport athletes. They just do one. Sometimes this is what you deal with. And it's unfortunate, it's a bad look. We understand that. Injuries think. But I do think you have to look at all the components, altitudes, hydration, how you're training, but also how you're

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