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ABC news. John Chuck's Iverson mass killing by Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, the island off the coast of India, a coordinated series of explosions churches and hotels, more than two hundred people dead, including several US citizens says the State Department, this is the response to the scene at one of the churches. Pictures on social media showing destruction broken glass bodies, the bombs going off and worshipers were celebrating Easter Sunday. Mass his spokesman with Sri Lanka police has several people are in custody. ABC's Jillian McFarland and London. Gauze of people have been killed at churches and hotels across Sri Lanka in a series of Easter Sunday bombings at least eight explosions. Hundreds of people have been injured, and there are foreigners among the dead. Meanwhile, they're a huge crowds overwhelming hospitals in the capital Colombo as hundreds of people volunteer to donate blood TV injured for no one's claimed responsibility for the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka, the president of the US conference of Catholic bishops. Is condemning cardinal Daniel DiNardo calls this great evil targeted Easter Sunday worshippers to Muslim groups in Sri Lanka are condemning the attacks arrested by federal agents, the alleged leader of a militia group operating at the US Mexico border Larry Hopkins after videos on social media showed armed civilians, detaining large groups of Central American families ABC's Mona Rivera last month. Hopkins told KVIL ATV in El Paso that his group was made up of patriots trying to keep migrants from entering the US illegally district who is built on three things. God.

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