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News, traffic and weather on the patriot. There's a tie up if you're headed along seventy five northbound infra Paul road watch for an accident. Everything is off to the right shoulder. But it's an upper slowdown traffic just a bit construction along seventy five northbound between twelve mile and crooks road left lane is closed that has traffic slow from eleven mile MAC avenue at Mt. Elliott street that's the problem there because her broken water main funding is reported to the area, it's passable. But low-speed caution are advised in that area. The forecast mostly sunny this afternoon with a high of forty nine degrees tonight, clear skies and a low of thirty two then tomorrow, partly cloudy skies Santa high fifty three currently forty six degrees. From the townhall dot com newsroom. The Michigan department of health and human services and the centers for disease control and prevention are investigating four suspected cases of polio. Like illness have estate state health department director, Dr Eden wells says they don't have a lot of answers regarding acute flaccid. My lightest sore FM three children and one adult are suspected of having the illness in Michigan in Ottawa McComb in Oakland counties. There's questions over the eligibility of Detroit city council president Brenda Jones to hold that office at the same time. She serves in the US house, a spokeswoman for US house speaker Paul Ryan tells the Detroit News, the situation has no historical precedent, Dan. They're evaluating of Jones can't hold both offices at the same time after the November sixth election a storage lot near Fiat Chrysler automobiles. Jefferson avenue was simply plant was once again the target of thieves Detroit. Police believe several people were involved in an attempt to steal cars and a lot of Connor street.

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