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After that if they trade melo and and this is a a for all the fans out there who like mel award dislike most versatile who dislike mouana seem gone the line everybody uses is oh this is that a couple of basketball's and we'll be happy well if you get a couple of basketball dourthe are complaining like why did we get three basketball the why do we get a pair of sneakers a why why are we get something else he's gone it did his era didn't work filled in work he didn't work what are you going to say when a little basketball no longer boise is number lakers beat the six one o3 102 he at thirty six points eleven rebounds eight assists thirty six point that's a lot with assembly gave who can and say now got one story for you guys has nothing to do with sport this those who every once in a while the republic works about three or four weeks ago criminal work and got to put some money on my metro cocker take kosovo loyd during the during or take a train during the week so i go to the machine is only one machine a sign that the top says no receipts and i'm like that's a warning to the told me to keep going but i i'll k so i put the in a put thirty five bucks in cash got two hours on the card the math thirty so right card comes out but before the cargo i actually get a receipt unlike other machines that no receipt look the receipt everything right thirty seven bucks in receipt okay fine i'm getting relief something said swiped the car kiss fight the card easy don't do it i swipe the cardi's says zero balance the as it wait a minute this put 35000 on his thing of in cash paper money and of course there's nobody live working in this place i gotta go up a couple of free wi final live body at another another um stop same stopped us the other end that i'm like listen for thirty five dollars this week 37 alfi of the receipt that says i have very seven dollars and the guy goes he take the cardi slice it swipes it again i'm no what's the problem he says well it's showing there's thirty seven dollars on the.

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