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And and really you know the the the movie not hurting the process Ken burns baseball. Not hurting the process. Right But you kinda you wonder especially since this was such a local league in chicago that you know there is just a dearth of that kind of First person memory anymore left to kind of you know Get and document yen. I really think it has to do with the fact that he was softball American girls baseball. He did a great job with of throwing their lot in with baseball organized. Baseball and women's softball history. I mean until recently. There really hasn't been much of an account into women's softball history. But before that i mean there was such a dearth of information. I think it has to do a lot with you. Know the barnstorming aspect of a lot of the women's softball teams and also the fact that this was simply League and so a lot of people even though they were nationally televised At certain points a lot of people still don't know much about this league and then you know individual hall of fame. The also station had hall of fame but they only would induct amateur players or college softball players or players. Who played for the national team. So i mean they have no inclination to want the professional ranks of their sport involved in their hall of fame and then the national baseball hall of fame. Want them because they played softball so it really is kinda disappointing that people would take this approach e- especially since the all american league and the national girls baseball league traded so many players back and forth. They you know. I felt they at least they could acknowledged both leagues at the same time and even the other leagues that existed at the time. Like the american girls baseball conference. So it's it's kind of sad said I know at hand that they were dealt Because their history was was not formally written down there wasn't really an effort to include them in anyone else's history even though they had very much shared history. Well that leads me to my last question. And it does sort of touch on this and we kind of obsess about sort of this particular part of all of our most of our explorations that is where does the legacy sort of reside. I think you're answering some of it. Sadly there's no natural place for some of this to officially reside but one of today's Fast fastpitch i mean. I do know that there was something that the chicago bandits of national pro. Fastball it. npf right. I think it's that kind of had. A bit of a throwback game or or memory..

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