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The eastern south the summer of 2022 is proving a bitter one for the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv A scenic picture of locals bathing in a part of the dnipro river known as Venice Beach may give the illusion that all is back to normal in the Ukrainian capital for 19 year old cybersecurity student valeria the thought of war constantly looms in the back of her head The siren It's really scary In the center of town violinist marquin lukin nuk plays his violin to pass us by he says things seem to have gone back to normal People kind of disregard the sirens and all this kind of stuff but they because they got used to it I guess and that's the worst part of it Magazine editor Andrei bastogne recently passed his military medical check meaning he could soon be sent into combat too Relaxing over wine with friends he says for now at least the capital feels safe and people are going about their daily lives It feels pretty safe Maybe you listen to the people they are always speaking with involved there relationships all the sex and they're both for you I'm Karen Chammas $5 gas is here Triple-A says the nationwide average for a gallon of regular hit a new high Saturday This BP station in Brooklyn is charging 5 15 for a gallon of regular 5 75 for ultimate And that's what Katya Thompson needed for her SUV Her ten year old son miles breaks it down $79 for 13 gallons Do you think that's the law Yeah Yeah but I'm not paying for it That's right $79 for 13 gallons She says she's trying to cut back but there's not a lot she can do I'm.

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