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Fielding questions why he won't back. The House passed voting RIGHTS Bill, West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin says he had a good and respectful conversation with black civil rights leaders. About the path forward for a voting rights bill, the AKP said after the phone call. The groups are focused on finding common ground with Senator Manchin and with other lawmakers to pass federal legislation to protect the right to vote mention, wrote in an op ed Sunday He does not support the sweeping for the People Act that passed the House, saying he wants to pass the narrower John Lewis Voting Rights Act with Republican support. Elizabeth ALS the ABC News Washington the White House, signaling that it is moving And when it comes to the infrastructure bill that, according to an administrative source, also adding that the president will now turn his focus to engaging with a bipartisan group of senators to try and find a deal a group that they welcome Senator Capital to joining an Illinois man from Kennel Worth, Illinois north of Chicago, arrested today on federal charges related to the U. S Capitol siege. The FBI, meantime, created an online messaging app that criminals used to plan and move drugs worldwide. Well, criminals around the world thought they were communicating only with themselves the encrypted devices they were using. We're actually sending copies of everything they wrote to the FBI because the FBI built the communications platform and shut down other platforms to funnel more criminals their way. The FBI's Suzanne Turner. The users were upper echelon command.

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