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Bill and it was already pulled it was already polled mitch mcconnell earlier today already announced that he was not going to hold the vote on the senate's death to obamacare bill that was because he already didn't have the votes and then three more came out jerry moran of kansas shelley moore our capito it's spelled c a p i t o and it's pronounced capito as the capitol just dropped the l as so it's shelley moore capito she is a republican united states' senator from west virginia the other senator from west virginia i heard i trust you've heard the name more joe manchin joe manchin a were big democratic he i almost slip he sort of a republican but west virginia being west virginia that's kind of the reason why shelley moore capito on a us senator republican of west virginia came out against the bill because west virginia did the obama macaire expansion they the the medicaid expansion and shelley moore capito is saying i'm going to be killing my own constituents if i helped get enact this thing if the law and so hashtag who is christian shelley moore capito showing the she's got some christian inner the i'm not going to be cruel to the people who put me in office now and so shelley moore capito said i am voting for this bill either even after whose poll that shows you the kind of pressure that were putting ought and we can't let up now hashtag no short attention span please pretty pleased no shortage tension spent we've got to keep the energy going if we if we're feeling lag early is that even a word laggard we are lagging behind kinda thing if we're flagging that's the word i was looking for that's the word cimoli if we find our energy flagging as opposed to laggardly which isn't even english we've got a somehow figure ourselves out an and well up some energy inside bassano find it in a bit of our stomach just some energy or take a break take a breather and just you know refresh our batteries but we've got we can't give up we can't give up and there's no clock on the thing the elections go on forever the republicans have been working this forever we just.

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