Don Jr., Bill Kristol, Steve Schmidt discussed on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast


They have to end up in the in the dustbin a history, and they got to start over. We needed to party system in this country, but not these traders motherfuckers. You know, I've said this many tens of four, but my favorite voices that have emerged in this period. I very favorite forces are old people who are lifelong Republican. You never where you were when you first retweeted Bill Kristol. I've only recently started, you know, re tweeting Bill Kristol because he's kind of boring kind of flavor. Steve Schmidt. However, Steve Schmidt has magical thing. Urgent makes you wanna follow, and that makes you wind up into some sort of a frenzy where you understand this country worth fighting and dying for and. You know, Richard painter as that same sort of outrage because they see their whole party not just their whole country dying. I mean, they literally do they see their democracy dying. Our friend, Malcolm Nance could not be more correct and sounding the alarm. This, is it Unreasonable, reasonable. our democracy, reasonable. I mentioned those particular names Collins and flake and corker is because we know that they know. How complicit because they've stated, but their politics and what they're willing to do to be like salmon, swimming upstream and going against Cam taught this tide of Nazism. Yeah, mitch's overtaking our country. They have. They have shown no desire to do as of yet, and they have to be shamed into it because if you get those five people on the fucking right side of history of you get those five people. You, you obliterate us, McConnell, literate, jewelry, bring you obliterate all those sick voices? Yeah, the Devin Yunos and the and the Paul Ryan's, and the people who are because you're a high cartilage, truly, truly. In in in a in a moment of of complete dereliction of defending nation. Yeah. I mean, you're helpful. You're a helper. You're a liberal helper. You tweeted to the president, dear, sir. The end of your president, his presidency is imminent before you is the opportunity to do one thing with dignity how you play his on you. You also tweeted these. I dunno somebody compiled Ron Perlman's grumpy as anti Trump tweets, these Nazi grumpy to me, they seem dead on Travis there. What we wake up to every day you like your president attacking, depressed, Muslims, non whites. Y'all likes the scapegoating. Read mine comp by Hitler. You'll love it. I thought that was nice. It was a book recommendation if you read books Maga's. Okay. But my favorite. Was your Twitter war with Don Jr. with who I call traitor tot. I don't know if you realize my started even before he acknowledged, which is like I've been asking him ever since he emerged, you know, like like the groundhog that comes out once to see which which whether he sees his shadow talks, tiny, Phil, and I, I, I asked him one time, like, you know directly to him like is that real Iraqi oil in your hair and he didn't answer them. And I said, he motherfucker. I asked question on my text thing, you know. Not. A father's fucking south remand deserving is that real Iraqi oil in your hair motherfucker. So anyway, street. The story Wall Street and Eric wedge just wanted to point out being in little Donnie. He is. Yeah, we've had a date with this. Well, you tweet. Did I tell you win? Harvey Weinstein told me to make sure I shook his hand at a charity event. So I stopped in the men's room pissed all over my hand. And then I went straight to the receiving line. I think about that every little Doney opens up his KFC. So Don Jr. said, so you knew he was a rapist and rather than actually do anything or say anything, you pissed all over your hand. Imagine how many souls on this women you could have prevented. If you weren't a coward. Okay. Let's just what's not. Scipio wait. Oh, how many times has caught has been accused of sexual? Okay. Let's skip to use at, hey, young done. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the follow. So I never knew her was a rapist. I never worked for her wasn't his type. I did know he was a prick though prick and a bully. I got to think about that..

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