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Essence here as now, state officials are worried about Hurricane Elsa. Which is making its way toward that part of the world, which could affect the search efforts at the scene. 7 33, Let's go back to the highways now. Traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. You can count on us Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Here's Dave. Uh, north of the city on 93 north on before Pelham Street en route to 13 in Methuen. We have a crash are reported roll over its backing up quickly. 93 HN from route 1 10 on Route one CHN. We have a crash between Main Street and Essex Street in Saugus. A little bit of a snag getting through there. We have big backups on the Mass pike. It's been a real headache for us all afternoon and heading into the evening. Crash on the Mass Pike westbound earlier by the Charleston Service Plaza, and what's left of the cleanup continuing on this, and the eastbound delays are beginning at route 84 a solid back up through that, and the westbound backup begins right after Route 80 right after route to 90, and it's taking as much as 14 16 minutes to get through that. South of the city on Route three. C outbound. It's not bad on the way through Plymouth, but a little bit of company for the final mile or so on the way to the Sagamore Bridge. Not much to worry about it. The born bridge, though, and everything around downtowns in good shape, David stuff Alino WBZ traffic on the threes, right stuff. We'll check back in with you and just about 10 minutes and I'm looking at the radar right now. Over that scene on the pike. With all that traffic there, there's a pretty heavy downpour moving over. So that's certainly not helping things. If you're sitting there in traffic between the Brimfield stretch getting over disturb Ridge and.

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