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I am your host hiding and I'm joined by the fabulous. Sarah Lou today. We have an interesting topic. I would say not really uplifting, but informative if you know. Yeah. It's informative. If you get easily paranoid like when we were talking about germs and disinfecting your kitchen if that freaked, you out a lot this one will probably also scare you will bid, which is fine. I just want to you're going to be fine. Everyone's fine. I'm fine. Sarah's fine. You're going to be fine. This is information that if you want to know, and if you want to maybe look more into about changing, please do but this is about maybe just getting you interested. I wonder how many people just turn off podcast. I know like, no. No more. Well, at least I hear we're talking about this episode's topic is about the chemicals that in your beauty that are in your beauty products. And if they may be changing your hormones or could potentially be harmful. Oh, jeez. Yeah. I know. So what are we considering beauty products just makeup or product? Like, I don't know moisturizer face wash. What what are we talking about good questions? So I guess what I say beauty products. I'm thinking about like personal care products so makeup and things for like your hair like gels things like that also shampoos conditioners, but then it can go into things like face wash lotion, we're going to start out talking about fragrances. So those are obviously in like perfumes, but in most of your other bathroom related products. You know, kinda I don't know anything like this cream a little bit of everything. Yeah. Which is maybe more disconcerting since it involves a lot of things that you probably come in contact with. But also like, I know it's pretty in right now. Serums or skin toners or Polian scrubs? So in a general sense most personal hygiene care products like deodorant as well. We have had an episode where he talked about deodorant before. So I'm not going to go to into that. In this episode. The last one about deodorant we mentioned like, aluminum and other things that are other chemicals that are in your product. So that's specifically for DOD rent this one I'm not going to dive into that. Or at least I'm not gonna speak about aluminum in your products because I already have. But this other things that maybe you might want to know more about I personally looked into it. And I got interested because I've been thinking about the kind of stuff that I buy and what I put on my body, and how that could potentially be affecting me. And so just led to like something that I found pretty personally interesting, which I now like my Google search history is all just like, different conditioners. And I'm probably gonna go spend a bunch of. Money at target replace all of my things not saying that you should do that. It's just like a personal interest. But I also need new shampoos. I came out the right time. I I don't know. It'll be interesting. So I want to start talking about this with fragrance specifically. And I guess I want us talk about fragrance beings. It's in almost everything that we buy for personal hygiene products, even for men's products as well. I feel like winds products are very heavy on sent seriously. Yeah. Really heavy. I feel like once you once you take a shower or wash your hair put on deodorant put on moisturizer? You can smell it fifteen different things if you don't plan ahead. Yeah. I agree. I think some people like that like people are like layering sense and things like that. But you might think that it smells really good which totally does. And I don't disagree. But I've always wondered what makes it smell like that. Yeah. What what is that in the air? And now on my skin. And guys products do this to like Cologne men's sprays deodorant, and even like feel like guys soaps and things like that have strong sense, as well just sense that we for some reason have decided are manned sense. But right, right. So many products they will list fragrance on their packaging and on their labels. But they like very few of them name the specific ingredients that make up fragrance. And so this kind of like lack of disclosure, you could say prevents consumers from knowing what the full list of the ingredients in their products are. And clearly this is within guidelines for what you have to list. So it's ugly acceptable acceptable to just list fragrance. Yes. Exactly. And once I read about this. I checked on my products, and they were completely right? Very weird to think about it's like how on a lot of labels for food things might say like natural essence or things like that are like natural flavor again that's just a word that they're allowed to use. But you don't really know what that is. So most fragrance chemicals are not as closed and because like they're not labelled necessarily. And there could be a lot of different chemicals in that fragrance. But we do know that some of the chemicals in these fragrances can be linked to health problems. Some even as serious as cancer, or reproductive and developmental toxicology and also allergies or sensitivities. I think about this a lot with like some people really don't like when you wear released heavy scented lotions or perfumes or body sprays. Because the smell bothers them and one of those people. Oh, okay. I'll I'll a lot of things especially floral, if it's it's more of a food sent let's say like citrus. I knew okay. But floral scent, it makes my sinus issues, and my sinuses. Just. Are miserable. My dad is like that. He would like it would really bother him. If I growing up would wear like a body spray like he he was always very aware of it. And it bothered his nose. So I don't know some of that are sensitive, and that's because of the chemicals that are in the fragrance and most personal care products like sunscreen shampoo, so body wash body lotion makeup facial cream skin, toners, serums scrubs, and of course, perfume contain fragrances. And so when you're looking at a label of anything that has a fragrance, and it's not like telling you, what all of those chemicals are sometimes it'll go under the name of fragrance or perfume are parfume, which is a r f u m just French very fancy also essential oil, blends or aroma. So I mean, maybe they're trying to sound fancy by saying it in French to make it seem more comforting. But all of these words are like. I don't know like umbrella categories for a list of different chemicals would make it smell that way. Okay. So can you do a deeper type of research to find out what is included in fragrance? Or are you just not in his -sarily you especially with certain companies like most companies won't tell you what's in their fragrance, which they're allowed to do. But you can see what kind of chemicals could be in your fragrance, and I will mention that. Because there are a lot of possible chemicals that could be in fragrance. So is it like would they would they say, it was proprietary? And that's why they don't list the chemicals or what yet our reasoning behind the. Yeah. So a lot of times the chemical compounds and fragrance are listed as protected as trade secrets. So it's like, oh, this particular brand, I don't know like this Victoria's secrets perfume has its particular sent and they're trying to protect that. Right. Narrowed or something. Yeah. Exactly, exactly. Which is like the FDA they defined fragrance as a combination of chemicals that give each perfume or Cologne or whatever other product it's distinct sent so it's because everyone has their own distinct sent I mean, I have noticed hired to reverse engineer something, but I'm sure there are people out there. Oh, yeah. Oh, I'm sure I feel like a lot of drugstores you get the cheaper knockoff fragrances at the smell like the other bodies brains machine at one ingredient exactly I don't know if that's what people who like sitting rooms that are really fancying to smell things can tell you. What's it? I don't know. There's there's a word for that. But I can't remember what it is. I don't know. Maybe I'm not sure how they do it. I'm sure reverse engineering is more than just people in a room smelling. That's exactly what it is powers. It's a super smelling power. There's no science just superpower.

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