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So I decided to give back the love to all these dresses and to create a line. That would be more affordable, but sill as a Ford -able as it may be, it is not affordable enough in order to cater every brides that wants to be without like compromising the brand. Exactly. So it would have to be something that really brings the product to as many brides as can be that that is what I would love to do. As an extent we're talked about the struggles that you had personally overcoming those challenges. When you look at your career and growing your business, what would you say the biggest challenge you've overcome in that sense? Professionally has been. I think the biggest challenge is learning how to with my ego. Asides. I think creators. Have a lot of ego because you need ego in order to be innovative in order to be creative in order to become a one of a kind. But then you need to turn. That into something positive because ego has two aspects. One is positive. It pushes you. It, it gives you the drive to become successful, and the other aspect is negative. It makes you think that you are above everyone and that it's all about you. Until the day I die. I will always do my best to put my ego aside. It's about my bride. It's about my customer. It's being thankful to every opportunity I have in life. I don't take anything for granted. So's the way that you've learned to deal with is trying to find that remind yourself of the appreciation. Absolutely. If a bright tells me that she wants to change a dress, she doesn't like my dress, of course, the first reaction, why doesn't she like my dress comes along with my dress. I'm one of the biggest designers in the world's, but then I make sure that I hear her because it is her dress, not migrants. I am here to make her drink come true. And to make her feel as beautiful as I can make her feel on her wedding day. So it's really not about me. How do you personally define success? I personally define success by what we leave in this world. After we're gone, how we impact others, how we influence others, how we empower others. And success for me is I, I hope and I wish that my legacy will continue long after I'm gone. I truly look back at my life and I thank the tough moments more than I thank the good moments. I truly believe that what didn't kill me made me stronger and brought me to this point in life where I have earned the right to help others make a change. And and it all happened together. It was side by side. It was my personal life and my career life. I remember moments where I, I heard a bright talking about her own story. I was strong for her, but I would go in the back of the store and burst in tears because it reminded me of my story. It brought everything back. But you know what? Nobody promised us a rose garden. And the beauty in life is that if you are true to yourself and you walk your path. You can. You can create quite a beautiful garden. We all have the ability to do that. Well, thank you very much. Thank you so much rich. Thanks for listening to this is success from business insider. Our shows produced by Animas rackets and Sarah Wyman dam. Bob cough is our executive producer in. I'm rich Falloon before you go, we've got something about Pnina tornado. You won't learn on say yes to the dress. If you ask the people that work for me, I'm the weirdest boss in the world. Like in my business, you cannot eat a banana. Why? Because I can faint if I. If I smell banana. So I was on the live show in Miami morning show..

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