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Tomatoes dot com. Hey, ryan. How's it gallon going great? We got Scott Robbins here that's been waiting a long time for this Queen movie, please please, please tell me this doesn't suck. Please. Right. Right. Okay. Yes. It doesn't suck. Trust me. It doesn't suck. It's not amazing. But it doesn't suck. And you know, honestly to be to be real honest with you. I think if you are a fan of Queen you will get more out of this movie than if you weren't let's put it that way. If you were someone who who's unfamiliar with the movie, then I don't know that you will connect with it as much only because it doesn't really go to par indepth, and it's kind of a surface level, you know, greatest hits series of vignettes that they go through. So, you know, I it's it's not it's not great. But it's pretty good. And and the climactic performance at Live Aid. It's pretty spectacular. That's almost worth the price of admission alone. So just to give you guys a quick summary. Obviously this stars Rodney Mallett from TV's mister robot. He plays, Freddie. Mercury in the film. And it focuses on about fifteen years from the time that he first meets Brian May and Roger Taylor, and you know, goes through the creation of some of their big hits hits on that. And then some of the tensions that arise within the band. And then it culminates in queens, legendary performance at Live Aid Wembley stadium in nineteen eighty five. The story pizza covers really do feel kind of by the numbers as far as a rock bio pic goes, and if you're going into this expecting that sort of in-depth look at Freddie Mercury or the band, you might come away disappointed. But like I said the performances are great rounding Malik is excellent in the role. Some people are talking about an Oscar nod. So I think it's worth watching if you're a fan of Queen. And I don't know if you guys are aware of some of the sort of behind the scenes troubles that happened with this film ethic. Maybe if some of those things hadn't happened to film could have been a little bit better. But but it's not bad at all by any means. So don't don't don't worry about that. Well, you know, the thing is I read the, Freddie Mercury biography, and it was off the chain debauchery. And I'm guessing the movie covers that a little bit. Because I don't think the band wanted to dive into that very much. No that. That's exactly right. I mean, initially so Sasha baron Cohen is known for playing like Ali g and four at he was originally attached to the film, and he wanted to go all out and make like an are rated film for the adults who are fans, but the band specifically said they wanted to make something that was a little more family friendly so to speak. So what we have is a PG thirteen version of the film, which is a little bit watered down, and you do get some hints of the debauchery the drugs and the sex and whatnot. But they they do gloss over it a little bit. But you know, I don't think you know. I think the film. I mean, it's hard to say whether or not the film would have been made that much better if they had gone full tilt into that, you know, it, right? It almost seems like one of the criticisms from the band. Well, obviously, they're going to sell a lot more records to another generation because of the awareness of trading. Mercury. Right. But at the same time couldn't you argue by doing this movie. Even if it's a tad watered down, you're still introducing this music to a generation that probably. You wouldn't know it? And if they really do care about, Freddie, Mercury. They dig deeper into the story. No, absolutely. I totally agree with that. I mean, just to give you a personal paddock though. Like, I I think I was probably first made aware of Queen Freddie, Mercury through through Wayne's world. Obviously like a lot of people around my age. You know, I didn't grow up listening to classic rock or anything like that in that opening scene of Wayne's world or they're rocking out to bohemian rhapsody. Like that was my introduction to them. And I became a huge fan of the band afterwards. I think this movie could serve to do the same thing for a whole new generation. And right now, Scott Robbins and myself are feeling old again from guys like Ryan and David van camp that say, yeah, it was Wayne's world. Eight years old we. So we talked about it a lot the difference between the tomato meter what the critics are saying versus the audience score. And it is incur. I've been very nervous about this movie. I grew up listening to Queen. I'm a fan of Queen. And the CD audience score is ninety three percent. So like that kind of highlights the difference of what critics are looking for. And what a lot of times audience members looking for which audience members just wanna have fun. Listen to the music and watch a good movie. And it seems like this does that. So true. That's that's exactly right. And the other thing to remember is like I said the library performance towards the end at the film kind of builds up to is fantastic. And that's kinda lasting you're left with when the film ends. So I'm sure a lot of people coming out of this will be thinking about that performance and thinking, wow that was great. And you know, I'm not saying that their der their opinions are are are disqualified for that. But I'm saying leaves you with a good feeling. I know a lot of people that went to see if that were left in tears at the end, so. Is it the original footage or is it made up is visit Romy Malik. Oh, no. It's Rami Malik. Yeah. It's a recreation. It's a recreation, and it's fantastic. Cool. All right. I guess there's another movie we've got to cover to nutcracker. Yeah. Yeah. So we have the nutcracker. This is really strange because it it isn't adaptation of that. Classic story. That's been around since eighteen hundreds probably best known for Tchaikovsky ballet, except this is Disney's own original take on the story with kind of a little bit of Allison wonderland and the wizard of Oz thrown in stars MacKenzie. She plays a young girl, grieving the loss of her mom who is transported to a magical world where she finds out her mom was actually sort of the Queen. And now that she's died. There's a power vacuum. And and the girl has to sort it all out. It's got a really great cast. It's got Helen Mirren cure nightly Morgan Freeman, but the roles are giving her all kind of odd cure nightly in particular. And and the film could have used a lot more tchaykovsky is music, which it doesn't use a whole lot of so critics so far had been savaging. This movie is currently at I think thirty two percent. If you go into it expecting something similar to the classic ballet your. Probably gonna leave the theater scratching your head because it's very different. But it does look really beautiful. So it may still work as kind of a visual distraction for the kids. If you need that it is sort of the first holiday themed movie of the season. So if that's what you're looking for then you'll get that very good Ryan, tiny, rotten tomatoes dot com. Appreciate it so much, right? And have a great weekend. All right. Thanks. So.

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