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I think I said foin she uh-huh the and also the only black woman working at the comedies stories. You're so it was easy to like. Yeah you you stuck out. That's for sure that's for damn sure. Yeah you were the only woman of Color Dr. PSE baby to of course you were gravitated. She probably knows gas. Oh so yeah yeah all oh good things I do you come. You know what's funny. I literally told someone about this yesterday. Because because and this is gonNA sound because he but I genuinely think you're a very funny comic onstage. That's all I'm talking about right now. You're funding prison. The fuck and ask her go ahead. No I'm telling you so weird. It's always bogged my mind when people don't when people miss you and it's a it's said theme here at how Neil feels that people you know. Don't give Neil the credit. They they take a while he's really hitting his stride. When I first got started there I came from a black comedy club? So maybe this has something to do with it but I would go. How how's the comedy? I personally prefer black comedy. Just in general energy level is this resonates with me more and you actually have lower energy. But I don't know when I first started there. People are like. Oh what are some of the COMEDIANS. That like we don't know about as well you know and I was like you an Edwards. I was just like they are so funny. And then I would keep putting people up on you. You gotTA check out like clips on Youtube or whatever and so. It's weird because I didn't know your stand-up as well and incidentally I was like this guy's Hillary's and in both of them were like you guys stood out to me so it actually is strange writing. That's what me and Ian are GonNa give good at writing. It's weird. That people are surprised prized. How good your stand up? Because Peop- meaning oversight job rang so people don't like people really believe charisma. People really believe that charisma means you're nice people. People really don't have a lot of. Yeah Yes yes and I love my other you know relative to delete the fucking like there's a lot of Allier you know. There's a lot of people on these lineups. Have a lot of charisma so So that's I think that's the thing. Yeah and they don't the other thing is they. Don't understand like I have like sneaky charisma like I'm like the Twain thing where it's like we're gonna go he's really. I'm not like sunny or happy but I'm funny. People don't need sunny happy as long as you're clever and like cares what day but they do though because the because they're like Oh that guy's fun. Yeah just all you gotTa do is listen what he's saying. Now I wanNA feel it well. I always used to say Ian Delete could go up there and say nonsense and bring down house. He doesn't but he could because his energy they already got their going on the ride with you. Ian Has to to beat you with candy to get in His van at the end of it. They're all that guy was fucking but they're not convinced and say a little bit with you nut job I think at the beginning more like what and then you'd hit the first bit like the punchline thoughts well put together and then they're just on your side but you're right I guess it is the charisma thing you want to feel. They want you to make them feel good. And I'm not my thing is like I'm not GonNa make you feel good but I'm I'm dude. I'm living off scraps myself. You like steamed vegetables and they're like potato HMO. I know that's what my brother can. You say by the chain rock and spell was Chris's eat Chris's eat your vegetables and Dave is your pancakes Exa. That's exactly what goodbyes you've got. Mail receptacles is quantum up. North said. My email wasn't good enough. Jassem giving yellow video message message slash episode twenty nine wise beyond only wearing when butcher knife Aaron statement being made very nice dress in red belt dealt by the way and real issue. TMS Serotonin released treatment anything similar to when you're on molly or when you have air similar stimulation from listening to music or anything like that. Just curious how that feels dopamine serotonin released hopefully it works for you and keep episodes coming. y'All really enjoy the PODCAST. Peace and I love. Let's from explain the the The the airing is Melody Assani. She's my favorite. Ah Persian Jew designer. She's fucking fantastic. She just married flea confirmed from bingoed peppers Oban that I'd never. They never heard of them and she made these little butcher knives and I got them at complex Khan and they're really cute but wearing to seems a little bit like I'm going to kill you. You wonder. Sometimes it's too much too kitschy of it. Didn't I mean it brought more attention with one. Well there you go do like attention anyways. I'm going to try to kill you. And if the First Amendment Work I've another what about the thing which thing molly doesn't work for me. Is that a thing. Knew what like microdosing molly. No I don't think he said microdosing it doesn't what what what is. What do you mean works for you? Then it whatever I do molly it doesn't you don't you're not doing molly it weird but I don't feel like like that I'm going to try it again. Now that I've had the off we know because you're going to undo it don't do I don't I don't don't do I don't look I'm I'm in desperate straits. Yeah it's worked so far I don't know I don't like I don't have any by the way. Has Your speech good speech good memory. Good getting better again. That's into into testament to the durability of the body where it's like yeah I'm GonNa fucking throw magnets at you then I'm GonNa Shiva tube up your ass and I'm still like hello. Do you think magnets is that just a really strong magnet or is it. It's it's a transcript. It's okay so it's not the hardware thing it's a beam it's like some some ex- mention Some magneto I need shifts fat. We don't have a ton of time but fat I'll go from last week said that I recently quit journalists because I got fed up with the variety righty ways of treated like shit for a decade. I've been working crappy jobs and feeling down ever since but honestly hearing you to laugh at my words feel like I should start writing again for the first time a very long time. Thank you so much a lot. So what what I'm saying is our mockery is changing lives. Goza fucking funny. He's Moxham lady with a fiance. Who died and you're like this? Why Don go outside? That was funny. Sorry beyond I'm just doing comedy. Goodbye this guy talks about here. You've got New York Post article made its rounds. The headline was thirty. Nine percent of students will go to jail for a week to raise her student debt. For sure that's a low number that's the first of all it's not a very long time in jail. Either for that link should be like seventy year is when you're like would you do that. Because that's that's what you're GONNA do. It should have a mark of like I went to jail for student loans. Doesn't like fuck up your life you have to wear. It should be like you have to introduce yourself like a sex offender. I'm new to the neighborhood and I went to school student. I went to jail for cu student. Loans So I just want to introduce myself legal I have to and the Yes. The Guy said shouldn't even be legal for eighteen to twenty two year olds to make such a huge financial decision..

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