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Her on the courts she's not number one ranked anymore like she's going down hill and still building bigger brand. You look at sydney. She's anomaly she's actually doing. We know her four and what she's supposed to do and it's still building that brand so this takes me back to childhood. They'll leave anybody out Simone biles sees the go. But it's hard to be greater than the goat third-place ain't go jumping out of a couple of this not go quinton on your team's not go but she's coming from such and heights. Let's talk about this. I used to talk about this. When i was little because i saw a lot of drug dealers and gang bangers and i saw a lot of popular kids and i saw a lot of people winning in high school and i was like damn what. I'm not gonna hate these people because everybody winced is just what race do you want to win. I used to know la. Never have jealousy. I'm want to win. My boys wanted to be popular. It became popular. Would i get you in like some of these. Things are colder sex. You run us aware and everybody think damn chill they come back they come back because think about it. Essa carey doesn't win. How long are we going to be loving hair. And the nails my coaches to say it just like this. Don't come to practice on a red carpet. And he wasn't talking physically. he was talking mentally. Letting the brand lead you hear trust me. They going to turn over a new player a new person. That's gonna win and build a brand denton. sydney mclaughlin. Now look out in other. Sports are the people who are buying into this like it. Don't matter as long as pop off so one is going to do what. You're not doing which is win. And they pop off even greater. We'll see i. It adds up but thank you sydney for having an og mindset of doing it the right way coming up. Four pack of greg. Jin is will help us get to the bottom of aaron rodgers work-in-progress comments about his gm. That's next on speak for yes. Rogers praises teammate. Sent a city hit green bay when he came back last said the logic communication between him and that the floor are far between him and gm. Brian goof listening to work in progress for sure you know. Relationships aren't formed in a matter of a couple of days. You know. there's there's time where they respect grows and the communication follows. We've got a couple of conversations have been positive. Conversations joined now by fox. Nfl analysts greg jennings and he's a former packer. Aunt champion aaron rodgers. But also how. Do you feel about air rogers work-in-progress comments man. I look at it. And i feel about it like this a work in progress. You only progress if you do to work. And i don't see. Aaron rodgers and brian goon comes actually doing the work to progress so being a work in progress with actually foy. Because neither i'm gonna do to us on. May that's what it comes down to g and you notice better than i will and i can't wait to hear your thoughts but aaron rodgers realized. This relationship has irreconcilable differences and if it has irreconcilable differences. There's really no point in trying to reconcile something that is irreconcilable sale. You've been in this situation. I'm sure we all have the comes a point in time where you realize relationship with someone is going to end. It could be a friend. It could be a significant other. They do something to upset you. You've to get upset but rather than wasting your energy you like. You know what this go end anyway. So i'm not even those that here in by the waste wasting my time getting upset with you. Aaron rodgers realizes he has one more year as a green bay packer technically contractually he has to. But at the end of this year aaron rodgers realizes packers trade them because they are not going to play out the second year of his two year deal and let him walk freely and get nothing in return for aaron rodgers. So aaron rodgers realizes at the culmination of this season he will be traded. So at least the packers can get something of value for aaron rodgers as opposed to aaron rodgers walking as a free agent and getting nothing in return for him. So he's sitting there thinking himself. Why would i even work so that we can progress. The relationship is work in progress but there will be no work so we shall see no progress. Right on the head honcho. This is the words that he chose to use the relationship. Being a work in progress. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Joe but a couple of things. I want people to understand. He said in his in his presser like relationships aren't formed in a couple of days for all of you. Who don't know how long brian goudie coach has been in within the organization. He's been there since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight so indifferent various roles scouting being one of the most important ones and then director personnel. And all of those different things. General manager since twenty eighteen. Aaron rodgers has been there. That's not a couple of days. He's not erogenous. Very mindful of who's in the building and how to direct and how to strike relationships in knows who he wants to strike or relationship with. He's never cared to do that. He's never cared to do it. And so why. Like you say auto. It's it's an reconcilable. I don't even care really. But i'm going to save face. I'm a professional. So i'm going to have conversation. I'm going to make sure that we are going to pursue this goal less super bowl champions hopefully alongside of everyone else. Who's in that locker room as if we can put our differences aside. That's what being professional is all about. But he has no desire to reconcile anything with brian. Guna comes. He doesn't have any desire to strike a relationship when you look at and listen to his words he says like relationships are aren't formed in a couple of days again he's known bryan. Kuhn cruise has been there since. Aaron rodgers was drafted a green bay packer so that lets me know. I didn't. I didn't care for you so much then and i sure don't care for you now okay man. I'm not arguing with either one of your takes. Because i don't disagree with what you're saying but i think there's some room for a reasonable doubt of your takes so let me give you the contrast to your takes. I actually like era rodgers saying this because he was being nice and also respect air rogers for saying this because at least he says something along the lines of mending defense. Okay i respect that because it certainly beats the alternative imaginaire rogers right now. We have a sound that says man our mess with that do they. We will be sitting here without conversation. What us.

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