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More often Kennex ten seventy NewsRadio. If you like today's weather, then you're going to like the forecast for the rest of the week. We're really not seeing a lot of change only temperatures possibly going up by a few degrees each and every day until we head into Saturday. There is a chance though that we could see some sub tropical moisture moving in once we head into Sunday night. But the system may not produce a lot of rain or even thunderstorms. But there is a slight chance that we could see isolated showers and those thunderstorms as we head into Sunday into Monday. So that's something we'll continue to watch. But otherwise highs will remain in the low eighties for the coast warming up nicely to the mid eighties. By the end of the week Eleonore Orange County metro c low eighties. Tomorrow warming up to the mid eighties by Friday, and then for the valley's upper eighties tomorrow warming up to the low nineties by the end of the week with southern California's. Most accurate and dependable forecast. I'm CVS to meteorologist amber leaf or KNX ten seventy NewsRadio right now in Pasadena, seventy degrees. North ridge is at seventy two and a little further down the road in Burbank. Seventy four degrees at seven forty seven. Anaheim could be without the angels. The team told the city today it is opting out of its least at angel stadium. What it means is the team can look for a new home or negotiate a new lease with the city. Anaheim city spokesman Mike listener tells KNX the city is developing the area around the stadium similar to LA live next to staple center in downtown LA, the building going on next to the stadium the cranes and sort of this excitement that's going on. And we as we look at the stadium long-term. It is a fantastic place to play baseball into enjoy a game Lister says the city's optimistic a deal will be reached to keep the Angeles for a long time. The angels say the move is procedural because if they don't opt out now they cannot do that for another ten years team says it would meet with city leaders. After the upcoming election in which a new mayor will be chosen the current. Mayor. Tom Tate was critical the team's lease proposals during negotiations for years ago. The angels have been in Anaheim at the big a since nineteen sixty six since moving from LA, California is one of his many as thirty states reporting cases of rare illness called acute flaccid, Maya litis, doctor Emmanuel Tian young children's hospital in Los Angeles tells KNX it's a viral disease mostly affects children and presents much the same way that polio affects pretty much.

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