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Yeah, it's true. All right. So till the weekend we'll see some Peaks of sun by them. Yes, exactly in summary. All right. That's it. I want you have a marvelous day. Oh, I hope you have a marvelous day, My friend. Not a problem. Not a problem. We'll talk tomorrow. All right. Temp's 35 right now. 700 wlw. Sport. Here's the Bangles Update. Good morning, Zach Taylor, returning for his third season, his head coach of the Bangles, a club announcing yesterday. What about some coaching staff changes coming will continue to value it. That is, the week goes, You know, I don't have any comments today on on any specific staff changes again. I got belief and the guys that we do have in this building and will continue to make those evaluations as the week goes player reaction with Taylor returning Tyler Boyd because he I believe in, You know, our Our relationship built a lot since the last few years, you know, and I believe in what he got in store for us, and he did a lot in free agency last year, you know, and it just It just sucks to have to go to another rotation of a head coach. You know you gotta re find the chemistry. Go to another, uh, system is just just too much Quarterback job. Earl Ray, rehabbing a friend California from his knee surgery, tweeted out his vote of confidence and Taylor's return and said he hopefully this is the last time I'll ever watch a game on TV. College basketball last night, Bob Huggins gets his 300 win in West Virginia Mountaineers rally from 19 down to win it. Oklahoma State 87 84 former Moeller star Miles make Brian helping out the Mountaineers 19 of his 21 in the second half, including 14 in the final four minutes and see double a little stage the entire 2021 men's basketball tournament in Indiana, with a majority of attorney 67 games taking place in Indiana and then Indianapolis. Here's Andy Katz. Brilliant idea. In a pandemic to centralize the incidentally tournament in one place place that the staff this familiar with supposed to be in any Annapolis anyway, and the venues This is going to be obviously a once in a lifetime event. Reds update catcher Curt Casali nontendered by the Reds have signed with the San Francisco Giants one year $1.5 million deal. Killed Anderson seven. Ow! Ow sports. We have a vaccine for covert 19. But who knows when life will return as it once Woz or even how much of our old lives will get back?.

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