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It like right like wha what do we disagree on this one. You're all too. I'm off i'm off. When did this happen last week. I was last week so you waited before he played like okay. Yeah key wasn't great. They didn't need them. The rams made monumental turnovers in that game and that's kind of why. That game was decided. That way. But i i am not offer to. I understand what you're saying. Smaller guys like kinda funny like hey russell. Smaller a little smaller little small. So what do we now want. Small quarterbacks i mean that seems kind of ridiculous. I don't think anybody's going to say. Hey let's get smaller guys. Keller more still get some bullets in there. So i i love to decision making. I love the way he read the field. I love the way he manipulated. Safeties i love his athleticism all of those things. I saw four real in-person alabama. And i'm not going to write them off just because he's left handed in small here at this point. So i'm i'm not resist your position on the he's a resistor. All right russillo. Great senior buddy. Podcast at the ring or the ryen russillo podcast. Thanks for coming on the show. Dr thanks gone all right coming up next. I'm gonna drive you nuts again. I'm going drive you absolutely nuts. I'm gonna drive you crazy especially if you're under forty. I'm gonna drive you crazy next but i'm right. Be short catch. Live editions of the heard. Weekdays at noon eastern not am pacific. Have you ever wondered. If will sarah likes to wear his. I voted sticker I'll even wear it into the next day. Just a mass of people who are what. Make stephanie rules. So passionate about voting. It's super important. It's about what kind of country. What kind of world do you wanna live in i. I'm holly fry. And i'm hosting a new podcast called why i'm voting. You'll hear from chelsea handler. So my dad loved to talk about voting and talk about politics nonstop. 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Last two times longer available at walmart built for lousy weather. They repel water snow and ice. So it doesn't matter how many times i'm right on this next topic. I could go one hundred one hundred and you'll still argue with me. Currently i'm four for four i- i warned you four times on this. I've been right every time. It's like arguing with a certain president. It doesn't matter it. I give up so i'm not gonna argue but i'm gonna be right again i'm going to be five for. Five quarterback is not a position to be cool. Now it's cool when you win peyton manning's funny brett farve was cool without trying. Patrick mahomes as cool without trying. But if you're trying to be cool a little too silly or you're a show boater not gonna work not my got russell. Wilson's not cool. Tom brady not cool breeze. Not cool and cool carson wentz and cool again. Don't tell me. Patrick mahomes cool. He's cool 'cause he's winning. He's not trying to be cool. And there's a big difference. You could ask joy. There's guys that are cool and guys at try to act cool. If you're cool steve. Mcqueen was cool. Didn't try eastwood twenty. Five thirty years ago was cool. Didn't try denzel cool. He ain't trying michael jordan. The actors cool trying moms also didn't try to be cool before he got onto the field winning. That wasn't the book on him. We have new guy. I was right on manziel. I was right on baker. I was right on cam as right on jameis winston too silly show boat cool four four. Bring your argument on. Here's number five. I'm not into drew. Lock cool danson. Win more games cub scout win more games. If i have to see another one of these seen about four times. He's done that win. Games kate you're at a franchise with john elway. John elway shadow is better than you. There's one quarterback in the nfl that tries to act cool and it works aaron rodgers. And when you're that gifted. I guess you'd get a be as good as aaron rodgers. You can be a little bit of a showboat and you can do the superman style or whatever you wanna do in the bell and all that stuff. It's aaron rodgers. that's not aaron rodgers. Told you before. I'm right on this. That people don't get the ba- backwards hat thing they think about the hat it's metaphorical. You look like a goofball you look like a goofball you gotta be mature enough to be a franchise quarterback for a five billion dollar franchise. Turn it around. Not about the hat. It's about you. Don't get that adults look at you billionaires on the team executives who run the team and go come on bro not saying. You can't ever wear a hat backwards. In fact. I'm four hat backwards time except my quarterback on those big press conferences. Hate the dancing trying to be cool not into it with james. Said he's too silly. Now in new johnny manziel. You all defended johnny manziel. All of you. I was on an island. I was the only sports caster in america. That said you cannot draft him. I was the only sports caster in america. Espn it with baker mayfield. He's trying too hard guys. That are cool. Don't have to try to be cool. We all went to a frat we went to college. We all went to high school with the guy. That was just cool. It didn't talk. A lot didn't advertise it. Patrick homeschool never trying to be cool. He's cool. I ran into. I've run into patrick. Mahomes like twice in person. He's just he's just a cool. Do kind of goofy to be honest with you. Guys silly funds young. He never tried to be cool. Don't like it out on drew. Lock go go in argument. You're for four and your andrew lock very much before the season started is starting to see this stuff. I'm like outdone. Not interested that quarterbacks not a cool position i want you to be presidential or quarterback. He'll i want you to be an adult. I want you to be fairly neutral. I want you to be right in the middle o- bad interception. Okay you throw them. You can't let you can't another one because of that one. We scored a touchdown. Pump your fist boob. Go back to the bench. You can't be highly emote. My receivers can my my middle linebackers. Can my tight end ken. My coroner ken my safety. I want you pump it yet and playing with motion and a little loose and this far from out of control quarterback. I want you totally in control. I don't want you this close to marginally out of control. I want you to be neutral all the time. Don't get too high. Don't get do the dance and stuff. Go ahead argue with me If you were a stock. I'd be cell and be buying something. You're wrong every time on this every time you're on on this part okay. We're gonna be judgmental. Just i'm out. Well it's a leadership position. You don't want a leader that rides super highs and super lows trying to be renewed once fans and like just you just lead you behind closed doors. You can be as much emotional as you care what you do which parties at your house right but in television so i'm out so listen. I took a side on this amount. Underlie i don't think it's fun but i also kind of operate under the idea that everybody's not going to be patrick. Mahomes and russell wilson should be. That's.

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