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You're gonna go to the team that has a chance to win. But if but if you can. I mean, even if it's like, let's say it's it's similar. Let's say the money similar. Let's say maybe team teammate is is offering you $5 million more money than team be most of the time. Orders. Take that money, especially in the NFL. So I mean, listen, Jared Jared golf When he looks good, he can look good. But when he looks bad, man, he looks bad. Tom right here on the edge. When he it looks like he's afraid to get hit and when your quarterback and you're afraid to get hit, there's a think that comes along with that The defense knows it. You're right. No, You're right, Tom. Happy New Year to you. Thank you for listening, All right? Careful they're getting in the Sacramento Sac town. Mean isco's guy. So you know, I kind of hope I don't sound cool. Like Jim Rome does talking about Sacramento. The left coast. I've heard people call the left coast were northeasterner so You know, we have our own way about things, but yet it Zafarani because Jared Golf Woz like Gerry Goffin, Carson Wentz pick one, too. And for a while it looked like Carson Wentz is gonna be the much better quarterback Now you watch him this year, at least for like, half of the year and you're like, Wow, That's why you want God. Office, a better pure rhythm passer. But like Tom had said, And this also applies the Carson Wentz. This year, People will ask me because I'm in Philly. I do 20 hours a week a radio it wi pe 2 to 6 p.m.. You can find it on the radio dot com map. Um What happened to Carson Wentz, and it's not an easy answer, and I don't think it's just one thing. But here's what I saw from Carson Wentz late in the season, and it's exactly what Tom was talking about with Jared Goff. He took so many hits. And he was sacked so many times, and some of it was him hanging onto the ball too long. But instead of serving the field, Carson Wentz was always a red defense's got the line of scrimmage. Red defense has changed place or whatever was always thought to be a very intelligent quarterback. You saw none of that this year because he wasn't seeing the field, so he snaps the ball. He's in shotgun. Is wide receivers aren't getting separation. They're having a problem scheming wide receivers open even if they get open. He's more worried about looking at the rush because he's taken so many shots, and you've seen the same thing with Jared Goff. And you can't have that You gotta be able to maneuver around in the pocket. You can't be looking at the rush. But that's what happened. The Carson Wentz this year it's not an excuse. It's an explanation on how he could have been turned to be so bad. I don't know. The last quarterback that has went from Yeah, He's one of the good young quarterbacks in the league and he's an all pro type quarterback to. He may not be in Philadelphia next year. His contract didn't even start yet. Is $128 million contract. It hasn't even started yet. It starts next year. They've paid $54 million. The Eagles that paid $54 million out in a signing bonus. And the contract hasn't even started yet, And the talk is that they may move on in the off season just to try to get a draft pick. A second round draft because he's been that bad. It's unbelievable. Jared golf, You see what makes him a good quarterback. When he's a good quarterback. He's got a great throwing motion. He's a rhythm passer. If you keep him upright, and you make him leave him confident. In in the pocket. Man you could and trauma vacant scheme guys open. That's a really, really good offense right now. It's not a really good offense. It's bad, and it starts with our God, who, by the way, is not playing this week. Ava. Back up. You know who he is? The Canadian Football League quarterback. That's playing this week. So coarse and went to Jared Goff 12 in the 2016 draft and Hasn't necessarily worked out the way the team's thought It was gonna work it out. Although God has been that was Super Bowl, albeit they lost the Super Bowl because he was brutal in the Super Bowl, but he has been there was Super Bowl. All right, I know bull season. Is, um It was different this year, obviously with the pandemic and not having as many bowls as you once did, But bowl season is a lot of fun. Right Start sometime in December, and you have a lot of my Nikki Carr care bowls. Connor is that one of your favorite the Meineke car care bowl? You love the monkey. You always want to have some good car care, And it's good to have reminder in the bowl game. You know you need the reminder Ex. Otherwise what? We just too Might just never get your oil changed, or they the little Caesars Pizza Bowl. You know what I'm talking about. There's been a lot of different balls that have come and gone throughout the years. Well this year, I was surprised to hear I didn't mean just the first year for it. I didn't do a lot of a lot of research on it. Duke's Mayo Bowl. And to where they literally like they had. They had like the logo for it was a squeeze bottle mail. So like I'm not I'm not a big fan of Mayo Connor. I like a little light Mayo on on a sandwich. Or as we call here in Philadelphia, who? G if it's a turkey hoagie or roast beef hoagie. I don't know. Turkey Club. I'll have some Mayo light. May I don't like the extra Mayo. Actually, I prefer miracle Whip you ever have miracle Whip Connor? I never have no I'm again. I'm not a very adventurous eater. You're not. No, you're not. You said that Well, Miracle Whip, I think is a sweeter mayo. It Z mayo with sugar in it. I believe so I always like that growing up with on turkey sandwiches. But anyway, But I would actually I'm a big catch up fan. I put ketchup on everything like you said with the cheeseburgers. You put ketchup on that I put ketchup on pretty much anything. So I would prefer a catch up Condiment bowl rather than a Mayo Bowl and a mustard bull. I don't know if I need a mustard ball either. Do you really need a Golden's Bowl? Or French is mustard ball with a French mustard bottle as the trophy I don't think so. Right, But so so who? Even who? Even one that the, uh Mayo Bull, the Duke's Mayo ball, I forget. All I know is that the winner dropped the trophy and it was this. It was like this crystal football trophy, and they were on instagram video taping them dancing. And they drop it and it goes in 1000 pieces. On the ground. It was amazing not to be outdone by by the cheese it Bull Connor and I like Cheez its I'm a cheese had fan right like cheese. That's a good They're versatile. You can have him with your eating cheese. I guess they're good is just a regular snack. My kids like cheese. It's one of the staples that we go to. But I don't know this. We know if I need a cheese it pull, but I actually have I have a good idea for college football. His earlier today I was I was lobbying for The for an expanded playoff, and I know millions of people have said that in college football expanded plans, You know, millions of people have said that so it's not you. It's not unique, but it s so I'm gonna get my foot back into another idea for college football. Right, like, how about they do the liquid plumber Toilet bowl? Next year and going forward. So instead of getting the good teams right because anybody can find a six win team and put him in this in this crappy bowl, wherever And they haven't played another mediocre team and they can play it. But when was the last time there was a bull with two really, really bad teams? And that's what you would have the liquid plumber Toilet bowl. Get two of the worst teams in the nation, if not the two worst teams in the nation. You let him play for it, and the loser wins the liquid Plumber Toilet Bowl trophy, so you don't want to win the trophy. You want to win to not be the worst team in the league. I mean, frankly, I would write. I would watch that over the Cheez its bowl. The Dark's Mayo Bull..

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