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In New York. Let's head to our Bloomberg ninety nine one newsroom in Washington now to see what items in politics and government are set to top the agenda next week for that we bring in Bloomberg daybreak anchor. Nathan Hager, Bob, the era of divided government. Under President Trump begins in earnest in the coming week the first full week of action for the democratic controlled house. Led by returning speaker Nancy Pelosi together, we will let it be known that this house will truly be the people's health. But the work in the house still has to get past Republican controlled Senate for more. We're joined by Bloomberg news, Washington bureau, chief Craig Gordon, a Craig as Pelosi read took the gavel we heard a pretty ambitious agenda for her and the Democrats, but given the current environment can any of what Pelosi wants to do over the next two years. Get passed the house not really is the honest answer. But. You know, right now, Nancy Pelosi's job is to lay out an agenda to tell voters heading into the twenty twenty presidential. And of course, congressional elections at your to. Hey, this is what it would look like if Democrats controlled Washington, we're going to try to raise the minimum wage, we're going to try to make college more formidable. We're going to try to you know, do some middle class sort of things to help the middle class. If you like it vote for our candidates in two thousand twenty to be Donald Trump. So she has an important function in the party. I mean, look she is essentially the leader of the Democratic Party right now until there is a presidential candidate that person tends to kind of become the titular head of the party. But if you are trying to find out how Democrats would govern you look to Nancy Pelosi, and our newly minted majority in the house. So where does this leave the Senate, then under majority leader Mitch McConnell does the Senate become the body where you'd think of legislation cooling does suddenly freeze now be cool? Ing saucers. Yeah. He's over what you're saying. Yeah. You look, I think Mitch McConnell's in a very very. Tough spot. And for a lot of us have been in Washington for a while he's handling the shutdown in a very unusual way. You know, one thing you learn when you cover Washington is that the the leaves the house and the Senate, you know, they view themselves as a co equal branch of government. That's how founder set it up. So they're not wrong. But they tend to take that prerogative very seriously, and they don't like to be bossed around by the White House. Even if as McConnell's case, fellow Republican, Donald Trump is is running the White House on the shutdown though. It's almost as though Mitch McConnell was handed his his gavel over to the president. He has said he will not bring a Bill to the floor unless he knows the president will support it for a lot of us. That's remarkable the idea that I mean, you might say look, he's a Republican Republican. He's just being loyal to the president. But the idea that the Senate would essentially abandoned his frog to put for the legislation that believes is the right path. I it's pretty striking to a lot of us. And again, Mitch McConnell is a person who considers himself kind of master legislator master tactician. And in this case, he's kind of shrugging the shoulders. Saying I'm going to wait and see what Trump wants does that mean that he's going to wait and see on other types of policy proposals that the president might want a above and beyond the shutdown. Yeah. We don't know if it's gonna go quite that far. I do think McConnell has obviously tried to be deferential to the to the Republican president for the past two years. I think that's in a lot of ways gotten harder for McConnell to do people. Remember, the ObamaCare fight where you know. The Trump changes a physician a bunch of different types of ever could get that could get that through. They did Nancy get through the tax reform working closely with the president. But look, let's be honest. I don't Trump is a difficult person to be a partner to he changes his mind a lot. It's never really clear who speaks for him as is becoming increasingly a problem in the shutdown. He said the vice President Mike Pence to to congress with an offer to accept less money for the border wall. And then Trump pulled the rug out from under underpants. So if you're Mitch McConnell, I it's it's actually pretty tough to even know what Trump wants let alone to deliver it, I think he will generally try to be lockstep with Trump again as to Republicans hoping to hold the Senate hold the White House, but it's not going to be easy. And and I think you could see McConnell goes on way from time to time. Yeah, it's interesting. You say that because being in lockstep with the president as you point out might be difficult when that lockstep shifts with the wind almost seemingly. Yeah. I mean, people may recall just before the Christmas holiday they. They thought they had a deal to keep the government open. Trump had said he wasn't interested in doing a shutdown McConnell. And and then there was you know, Paul Ryan. But even closer with the incoming speaker all said great. We don't wanna shut down the government either. Let's let's put some funding to keep us through till February eighth and never can go home. And enjoy the holidays a little bit two days later under some pressure from conservative talk radio host from changes. Mine said he needed the wall said it needed to be the full five billion and shutdown commenced. So even in that even in this recent history, it's hard to know exactly where Trump Trump's loyalties lie. All right. Thanks as always great. That's Bloomberg Washington bureau chief Craig Gordon, and that's what's happening here in the nation's capital. I'm Nathan Hager..

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