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We have Maria Spinosa back. She is with the remembrance project. She quit her career in order to try to fight for angel moms, dads and families who have lost loved ones to crime by illegal aliens shouldn't have been here in the first place. They do have the remembers project Maria will be in talking about the latest crimes latest murders. And also have an angel mom with her with her her story. So we also have a possibilities consulting coming in. This is a group that works with CEO's and their leadership teams to try to take companies to the very next level. So that's ahead to what is possible we will find out and Jeff crew air, the host of ringside politics radio. TV shows will be talking about the political headlines of the day, including the very biggest one probably secretary of homeland security Kirsten Nielsen spent time at the border today. She is comparing our southern border crisis to yes, a cat five hurricane crisis. She says the administration is looking at many solutions, including military resources customs and border patrol in the ministry administration say it's more than a mess more than an emergency. And that yes. One hundred thousand apprehensions happened in March and there were nowhere to put all these people President Trump tweeting about it just today and Trump is still considering closing our southern border officials say not only is it like a cat five hurricane. They say. It's worse. The worst crisis in the history of border enforcement since nineteen twenty four migrants, not even being processed instead are released directly into the interior of the US because. There are no facilities to house them. Nielsen spoke with Tucker Carlson about just this. Listen, what is the executive branch doing now to fix this? Well, if I don't have enough time for me to tell you all the things I mean, look just as you said at the top of your introduction. The president predicted this as a candidate he predicted his both or he was a candidate continues to show leadership and to raise the alarm bells. But only now are we starting to see mainstream press not on this particular channel that there is a crisis. And that's what there is. So what we're doing is. We have announced that we are sending more migrants back to Mexico to await criminal proceedings. We're pulling folks from the ports of entry to help interdict those choosing to come here illegally. It is a crime. Despite what you just showed a sitting Senator saying it is a crime to come legally between ports of entry to stop them and to provide humanitarian assistance by the smugglers. They coming through remote areas, they're sicker than we. We've ever seen before and look at that border apprehensions could exceed a million this year. And those are just the ones that are apprehended not the ones who get in undetected in other news. There is a bit of news coming out of that college admissions scandal where some fifty people so far been arrested for paying big bucks to cheat their kids way into some top universities around the nation. Law enforcement sources tell to Z that some of the big wigs like stars, Felicity Huffman, and Laurie Laughlin who. Yes. Autographs today outside the courthouse would likely see prison time in any deals that are made both actresses appeared before judge in Boston today. Prosecutors reportedly will recommend that prison time judge, of course, what have final say flee dealing should start soon. But no deals made just yet a bit of a circus outside the courtroom today. More Hollywood news entertainment walking Phoenix transforms into the joker. A just released trailer for joker the movie, this is trending crazy. We'll get to see some of the iconic villains transformation in October when it is released nationwide. But the term joker and walking Phoenix trending all up and down social media. We do want to give you your first look at the film ahead on America trend so stay with us..

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