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Well, I think that hidden girl deserves another chance I'm sure the Billy's working right now thinking right now about how to getting rate more kindly and not go chasing hundred thirty to one shots and. Jays the couple of hundred thirty. The bourbon, I really do think that bourbon war will be the favourite Florida theory, people extrapolate, you know, if if they'd gone, another sixteen miles, you know, when open legs, so Johnny Johnny lashes of I mean, if you if you give him any kind of opportunity he's gonna he's gonna put the right ride on. And so that was good. There was I was real surprised like Marcus hearse wash on Twitter that Zulu alpha paid for twenty. I mean, Mike washing our sitting there watching on the monitor and they they run the race. We were busy with our post found us stuff, and they flashed up there number nine was even money. I'm like what how did that happen? So you figure the mon- horse channel make was gonna be the favor. Thirteen whole Ed wasn't doing him any favors anyway. Yeah. The gelatin thing was a complete shock. The bridge jumpers got burned. I think it was like two hundred seventy thousand. Three twenty or so show pool went down the tubes. And I should always be more vigilant on seeing when that opportunity presents itself because it does like to bet twenty dollars on a couple of the other ones or whatever. But you would have had to this one. We we've discussed this this week in terms of the least the multi-race wagers you had to hit the button to get the gelatin. And because. And I know there's people that are saying, you know, the even on the sheets. Well, she was she run a nine on third graph the horses that were closest to jaywalk it run eights. So it's not like gel Trinh made this mammoth leap from you know, from double digit teens down to a basically about a three on third graph. The that was a. That was not if there was going to be somebody other than Jay walk. It could've been any of them. Yeah. You had to you had to go. But it was only seven horseface exactly that was the one thing and between presi use and Zulu alpha. I mean, anybody listened to the show. I mean, we we all piled on Zulu alpha, frankly, Nick Tammaro who singled him toward on doubles. And Nick Bailey a lot of people out on on Friday last week and. James scully? We all we all kind of knowledge that that if Zulu alpha, you know, if he ran his race in and had a clean trip that that he was much worse debate. So absolutely there were there were ways to engineer when ended up being a decent more than a decent payout. So lay out mardi after this weekend. And of course, two weeks. The we got the Gulfstream sale phase Tipton and Florida derby week, and then it's home for Keeneland actually Dave grindings coming in starting about Sunday the twenty fourth I'm going home. There we go go week early Dave spot, and he's it's all him and Mike quote, Florida derby week actually next week. I'm going to Orlando to see my buddy Keith few stole his son Connor plays for dole Gado community college. He's starting on the baseball team. He's a freshman, and they're playing it late point of east of there in Orlando at the fun going up. For Friday game and a Saturday game. Be with my man, Keith, very nice. Well, this this opportunity to cross bads and and be here together at oldsmar at lovely quaint, Stella fares little track that could. All right. Do I have to be on Friday? Now. Of course, you do. What else you got to do come on? All right Marty McGee everybody just too much fun with the the one and only D R f McGee. Let's take a break. We'll come back to Tampa. And you know, since we're here and Seth Mero is on next Marty..

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