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P news It's Friday march 25th Welcome to WTO P two 38 in the morning First a Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center Thank you so much and of course we are tracking a handful of incidents and I've been looking for this one for a while and listener did inform of the accident scene It's on the inner loop of the beltway In fact it's on the ramp that takes you over towards one 23 chain bridge road and it turns out that the incident is on the left side of the ramp there is a police officer there directing traffic so if you're planning on taking one 23 from the inner loop proceed with caution once you get on the ramp watch out for those flashing lights and the person directing traffic Now before that point between route 50 and I 66 the work crews along the right side of the roadway do be prepared to stay towards the left Westbound side of 66 this hasn't changed much at all throughout the night Basically between one 23 and route 50 there is a work zone currently letting by a single right lane no real delays behind it Of course traffic is just light enough Now I am looking through a handful of cameras and in certain sections It doesn't look like the roadway is still a little bit wet from the rains And in other sections we're seeing an awful lot of fog and a listener actually informed that parts of the dulles toll road particularly rough and certain spots visibility very very low So proceed with caution there If that is the case remember don't use your bright lights because your brights on the car because the light tends to reflect back off of the fog there One 8 6 6 three O four WTP is the traffic zipline In case you happen to stumble upon an incident that the public should know Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic.

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