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To thirty miles an hour a family member called the incident on video after the herd brought traffic to a standstill earlier this month no one was injured in the car not clear how the bison feels I can't believe we can take the insurance Pam Coulter CBS news to eighteen the LA Janet Moore to supervisors occurred it banned the sale of flavored tobacco products soon in unincorporated areas you'll consider the proposal in next month as a way to try to stop teens from using E. cigarettes Dr Jessica Sims with the American heart association in LA cells K. next there was a big increase in twenty seventeen if teens using nicotine products number by the way we believe that a tank candy flavored fruity flavor of mild case because and the reason why people are willing to buy the product she says magazines are built to the brains of teenagers if the band's approved ill take effect in February San Francisco and Sacramento have already banned the sale of flavored tobacco products a Missouri woman said she's going to be sleeping with earplugs from now on sue the Tauruses adventure began earlier this week they woke up Tuesday morning here in a bunch of source sheen and water in my left ear Tories didn't think much of it at the time she still went to work but she went to see a doctor after and turns out it wasn't water so I think you have an infection there no I didn't panic because I didn't know what exactly it was so she came back in and they told me it was a spider not just any spider round we close spider at first the doctors.

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