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Jeez. Bigness day. We'll get to that playing his son Victor Drago and meal. Vintimille also returning as Rocky's, send Robert bridge and bridge e deal Senate, amazing cameos, we'll be as Mila drag. Oh, his wife before we move on rugs. Eighty let me ask you this bridge Nelson. This how old do you think she is from the way she's seventy she's fifty five years old? Oh. Fun. Click. Kurt name. She's born in nineteen sixty three fifty five years old. I'm only shit. So she must have been like nineteen in fucking rocky four or some shit. Oh, she wasn't. She's housi- fifty five. Twenties early twenties. So right. Isn't that crazy? She's hit the one thing that can't be right? I I'm shocked. I double check this. I was like there's no way. She's fucking fifty five years old twenty two shoes. Twenty two twenty one to man anyway, rocky four eighty five. So that's like there's no way that forty years ago, not forty years ago, thirty thirty three. All right. That's that'd be fifty five. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Isn't that? Crazy. She does forty-two. She's look like that though for a while. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think she was like a model. So you're modeling career when he started like sixteen so fucking career. She she was on the surreal life dating fucking flavor. Flav remember that she was crazy on that show. That's where that's yes. She was a fucking nut job on that show. Unbelievable. How much aged? I just I I'm sorry skin. Looks beat by could not believe. Fifty five year old women that are way. I mean, even Diane lane. It was like still looks better than Brazil lane. What the fuck what's the girls in the end, the Spiderman aunt, oh, mercy me, Mercer Tomi? What does she? What may from shield their you know, we talked about fifty fifty three years. Oh my God. That's how you should look at fifty five or fifty fifty. I don't know how you're supposed to like GPO. She looks older anyways back to create the movie that Enron. You look seventy two I do look like, I'm eighty four. Six. Thirty five years old smoking a lot creed through crai- to rocky eight whatever you wanna call it. Also, I love that the first rocky movie came out the year. I was born. I'm the same age as rocky. Let's get your opening thoughts. Fellas Anthony, and you're your big rocky fan for fifty it only took us what three and a half years to talk about a fucking sports movie. John. Yeah. It's kind of like a superhero thing, but tells what you feeling after this movie ended. Big rocky fan hockey is every rocky film. I enjoy even like four and five which are considered to or the worst. Yeah. I love those movies all big part of my childhood, definitely all the fields watching those movies. Every time I watched those films. I was like as a kid pan. I wanna become a box. Yeah. Wannabe rocky that he was you'll like one of my heroes when creed came out. I was like, man. I don't really know if I wanna see a creed movie and create did what it did it surprise. Everybody was fantastic film, then decree to announce that and they're like we're doing there's two things right away. I'm like, okay. Three things. They're making a sequel. Fuck. Yeah. That's stupid create how you're gonna top creed. Secondly, oh, fuck coolers out. Third thing over we're going to do I've in-drug os, son creeds Apollo creed. Son in in in this fight. And it's like, okay, rocky four is the most cartoony fill of all all the rocky films and your tackling the storyline that like is just is just like pure partout as pure up over the time the bring back the whole versus Russia. This is way too gimmicky this film. I'm worried about this. And I got to say after coming to like they fucking nailed it. I don't think it's better than cream. But it is in my opinion, this style done, right. It hits all the right? Tones at tackles, a really gimmicky subject matter and actually weaves it into a storyline that can be played up seriously. And like hits notes that you wouldn't expect like dry goes stuff was fucking awesome..

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