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History is on our side bannon says european populist talent they want a media outlet for their views like breitbart eleanor beardsley and news paris president trump is going to western pennsylvania later today to urge local republicans to vote in a special election on tuesday as npr's us mukalla reports the gop is trying to hold on to a us house seat in an area trump won in 2016 trump won this pennsylvania district by nearly twenty points in 2016 looked polls show this special election is nearly tied between the republican bricks cone and the democrat conner lam liam is seen as a young charismatic leader with a lot of union support the cone has struggled to raise money and energise krauts republicans are really worried and they're hoping that a visit from the president could energise base voters democrats say even a close loss would send them a positive sign that with the right message and the right candidate they can make inroads into traditional trump country this midterm season asthma followed npr news this is npr from kqed news i'm jeremy siegel members of the yawn phil community are mourning the three victims of a deadly shooting at a veteran's home there yesterday authorities say the gunman in three women were found dead after a hostage standoff at the pathway home treatment center one of the victims has been identified as the home executive director christine lober speaking at a press conference today yawn phil mayor john dunbar who also sits on the board at pathway said lober often stayed overnight at the.

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