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They look at it as a real sport rather than just entertainment on television. Scott gelman WTO P news. And the wrestling event is called capital collision. It takes place in D.C. tomorrow. If you can't make it, you can also watch a live stream, you can read all about it. If WTO dot com. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by maximus, moving people and technology forward. Dave Preston, we are now waiting for this whole thing to become official if that is indeed in the cards. The jet is on the runway. It's pulled away from the gate. Saga turns a crucial corner as owners Dan and Tanya Snyder have reached a preliminary non exclusive agreement to sell the franchise to the group led by Josh Harris for a record. 6 O $5 billion. It's fully financed, but not signed just yet. NHL capitals fall 5 four and overtime two Jersey coach Peter lobby lets banged up bunch wraps up the season by losing 8 of their last 9 games. It's nice if you get that chance to be healthy year round. Obviously it was a grind and a tough year, but I still felt like we had players on the ice it could be successful and win and we weren't able to get that done. Plenty of questions to be addressed this off season, including the expiring contract of head coach, Peter laviolette. Baseball nationals had the death. They began a series with Cleveland tonight Orioles, get a walk off win over Oakland 8 7 Ryan mount castle Homer's giving him 19 RBI in 13 games this season. That's a pace of 236. He was at two 65 earlier this week. He's slowly coming back to earth And that is many RBIs over the course of the year for people who don't know. Yeah, the records, I think, one 90 or one 91. Dave Preston, WTF sports. And Dave, this is just in the WTO PA, drug manufacturer now asking the Supreme Court to preserve access to its abortion pill free from restrictions imposed by a lower court rulings will have the latest from CBS News. It's 9 56. Hurry and shop the final days of spring fest at Lowe's. Right now, get an additional $300 off when you spend $1996 or more on select major kitchen

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