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To the house and you know the trick or treating or whatnot and they think it's the real devil invites hand and they're like oh master all this kind of stuff but I mean he's just handing out candy. He's just a normal guy that is that is all I have. The budget for this film was twenty eight million and it grows to thirty nine million dollars so the little bit of money but again it's kind of the other one it's like a like a classic you watch every year right so right and there's a great films to have around. I mean I like I like Bette midler couple of his films she made. I really like the wives club. Particularly I thought he was terrific and that one or Wind beneath my wings. Well I'M GONNA close my third one is actually too do. But I'm putting them together because they're of the same. I said earlier my little introduction that some there are some films where you come face to face with evil incarnate if you will and we did a show on bad film adaptations and both of these movies which which were fairly successful if fact the first one says it's I was GonNa talk about says it's the ninth grossing film of All Time In Canada the US but they took one hundred ten million dollars when it came out. This movie came out in seventy three but both of these films are based on novels. I've read both the novels. You WanNA scary. Keep the lights on if you read any of these. Because it's GonNa scare the heck out of you and both of them were written. Written screenplays were written. The reason they work is that the author of the novel wrote the screenplay so it translates. Well they're well cast to with with top talent but the fact that the screenplay parallels the book so when you read the book and it's all the movie it's chilling in either instance that I do that more often. You know sometimes the office not alive but yeah that's true at or sometimes he what he stickler for staying with the book and a director said. It can't translate that way we gotta short handed sort of you. Don't want it didn't get. What's the old creative differences is what they say? It's always creative differences. So that's sometimes it didn't happen in this case however the second film I'm talking about. They made some sequels and he did not write those does he only wrote one book but the first one I'm talking about is the exorcist. which made a star out of Ellen Burstyn and it's a terrific film if you you haven't seen it? It's a terrific book. As I was telling Eddie I I was. I was three quarters through the book when a group of when it opened went to the I hadn't finished the book and we went to the movie and I knew what was happening and it would. It was exactly the book and I envisioned some sometimes. You don't vision things the same way it comes on the screen. I was pretty much in lockstep with what was happening on the screen for obvious reasons now because the same guy wrote it and I didn't know how it ended though they hadn't finished a book so I'm sitting there with everybody else. What in the heck is GonNa Happen here and if you don't know the story it's one of the most profitable label horror movies ever made and it's a tale of exercises them so there's a religious overtone here we're talking the devil? You learn about the devil. Well here we go taking taking a taking form in someone young Reagan. That's Linda Blair. This made her a star too. She starts acting odd levitating speaking in cantons in her worried mother whose an actress who is in Washington. DC Georgetown University. I believe it is. They have Catholic priests and while while she's on the movie seen her daughter's having all this stuff going on medical help but they can't find anything wrong whether so they bring in a local young priest first. He thinks she may be seized by the devil. He makes request to perform an exorcism. And the Church sends an expert the exorcist derives and as Max Van Cedo the classic Swedish actor to help with the difficult job. There's a sidebar here. That was somebody who wrote that. If you think view and I added your child is ready to see this. Shocking film keeping minded in some audiences in the seventies. They passed out out because it seeing what Dick Smith.

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