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A classic place When you want to look at some hit music history check out the cellar door and tom rush was a regular there and he did Jackson browne's child song better than jackson. Browne dom rush was one of my favorites these days as well probably better. But can you believe jackson. Browne was a teenager when he wrote that song. Don't failures have not forgotten. say that sort of style. i. I wrote a book and that was You know you. Sometimes you put the quotes In front of the you know the prologue. And i use that line you know don't don't Remind what was it. Don't remind me of my failures with with me with my failures. I have not forgotten them. What a great line. These guys are great for this. I think is well. I know you know. I met him. In austin met him in spokane saddam odometer. You live nowadays them in jackson hold. I said how did you get to jackson hole. He said i just woke up there. One more out. No i can tell you. Probably a lot of the connection was with through a lot of people around up in jackson hole in that area. All of them were kind of of that that genre of colorado singers that all ultimately all came like pure prairie league and ultimately the eagles but they all were following john denver. Who was aspen yet. And john denver. There is a group from spokane where i live by the way that grew up. They were gonzaga glee club. People call the chad mitchell trio. Oh yeah they were awesome. That was. That was john denver. Y- and chad. Mitchell decided to go solo sinatra type thing and do cabaret clubs in new york and so they brought in a guy. Whose name was john denver. The time but it was john denver to replace him. They also had a person named Jim again again. That was with them. He played the guitar. Because the trio did not play instruments and aim. He joined the birds and changed his name to roger win and Famous none of them. The original wasn't jim. Correct me if i'm wearing. I know we're far afield here. But wasn't harry chapin part of the mitchell trio at one point you know. I have not heard that. But i will talk with it because we know if it's here in town as does my comic. Who was one of the original chad. Mitchell trio and less them about that The greats oh yeah and we have though in montana a great history if you wanna go in this direction Gracious about baseball yet. We talk about ice cream and something else you know guy Jimmy buffet buffet. Jimmy buffett was in montana along with Goodness gracious A writer wrote trout fishing in america. Richard again routing yet it will group and they all hung out together and tom duane who is a writer. Mary jimmy buffett's sister and they were all right down the road in montana so baseball. Get back we'll talk some baseball. Let's do that. Yeah no matter which ballpark.

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