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Guess i've just. I don't think the podcast is going anywhere because i think there will be time and place to find plenty of people to interview and i as you've seen over the last few months i'm not. I'm just not because of my lack of ability to get the big names from the bachelor franchise because there they don't want to be associated with me and they have other podcasts. That they can go on or start their own podcast. I have no problem talking to people outside of bachelor nation. And i'm going to start doing more trying to do more human interest stories. I i heard someone on the radio today that i reached out to on twitter. Dm and hopefully she can come on and she has nothing to do with the bachelor world but has something to do something major. That's going on right now. So i hope that i just don't see the podcast going anywhere because i really like doing it as for the column and you know the column will still be there as long as the show is on. It's just tough to know when the show is going to go off the air. Clearly twenty twenty one was the first year in the history of the shows franchise that they aired three different bachelor bachelorette seasons in one calendar year. So it doesn't seem like they're going anywhere seems like they're adding more shows and then with patron paradise starting to air next month. We're looking at four batch related programs on network television in the year. Two thousand twenty one so But will come to an end at some point. Sure absolutely. But i just i haven't thought about it and maybe i should one of the questions that was asked on rear email was what about bow. I thought he was being saved for michelle. I got asked this a in the last few days. And i don't know where this came from who where was over there. A rumor that bow was going to be on. Shell season until monday morning. We had no idea who was set to be michelle season. Nobody had said anything and then the cast of released. Now you know thirty five possibilities that could be michelle season and bow is not on it so i'm not sure where this came from but so many people hit me up this week either on twitter or instagram. Or whatever asking me. I thought bow was supposed to be on michelle season. I don't know where people are getting that from. I don't i don't know it. Let me just say it's a good thing that bows not on michelle season. The other email got do you know of any of katie's guys. Andrew specifically will show up michelle season. I it's tough. It's tough to answer that. Now i have no idea like i didn't know idea. The blake was shown up on katie season and clearly by thirty five guys that were released none of them are former contestants but if they use the same format that they did for katie season then i guess maybe some guy will show up in episode three or four or something like that. But we won't know all we know right now is the first night looks to be a bunch of new guys. There's not any former alumni that are set to show up on the first night. Let's get an audio question. Hey steve big brother question here. In the past there were a number of like all white alliances that you know certainly made racist comments that were captured on the feeds. But i don't think they were all about being white. What do you think about the cookout alliance being people of color alliance. That's trying to ensure a person of color wins if it were if the situation were for white people doing that. I think there'd be an uproar but for the for the people of color reliance. It seems to be okay. Just curious on your thoughts on that you know. This is where my lack of bb history knowledge might hurt my answer. Because i just don't know but we all know that. Cbs and all cbs slash paramount shows have adopted a new race For television shows that fifty percent of all their reality shows have to be a bypass contestants. And as far as i know that wasn't the case in the past for big brother. If anything i if i'm speaking out attorney or please someone who's a. Bb historian tells me this. But i don't think there were a ton of bypass contests on past seasons. So it's almost like while yes. The cookout is made up consists of six bypassed contestants. I think they're all back It doesn't it. Seems i have no problem with that. Because they've never been able to form any sort of majority alliance in the past have they. Because there's only been what you know. Three or four at the most on each season bipolar contestants. So i have no problem with it. I know you're saying that. Well if a bunch of white people got together and formed ally. Isn't that what happens every season. So i don't you know you say cookout alliance being of the people of color alliance. What if the situation were for white people. That's what the situation seems to be. Every season is that white people dominate this show and dominate the majority alliances..

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