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Year Taylor Lewan getting sixteen million dollars a year and and Greg Robinson fighting try to even get playing time or make the team in Cleveland. That's why you need to be careful about upside during the draft people get so into upside that they forget who's just a good player and that that also really hurt, you know, Jeff Fisher standing in LA or LA in Saint Louis, you know, doing something like that. You know, I mean, he absolutely absolutely should have. Gone ahead and taken Jake Matthews. I mean, he, he, he, he, he coached, Jake Matthews dead Bruce Matthews. I was shocked by that when they did that. So anyway. Offensive. I'm getting paid and Delaney Walker. I mean, he was like. He was Vernon Davis backup for so long. And now he just keeps keeps getting new contract after new contract. And then the thirteen million guaranteed to tech two more years on the end for guy like in his early thirties. That's that's nice. All right. As for the injury, Steelers, scarred Ramon foster out four to five weeks or the hyperextended knee jets running back Yulon McGwire broke his foot. He's going to miss at least three to six weeks and the most significant injuries happen to Panthers tackled Daryl Williams and chargers. Cornerback, Jason, Barrett, Williams stores, MC l. dislocated his kneecap and tore his achilles during the conditioning tests. You know what's interesting about that bright is that both variet- and they're a Williams are big pro football focus guys. So on the Fancy Feast, I've been talking a lot recently about pro football focus, including PF edge, which gives you full access to PF player, projections their fantasy draft guide and cheats positional matchup charts. And of course their award winning fantasy content. And now we're talking about two guys. They got hurt variety is always up there as is Casey, Hayward. Among the highest ranked corners according to pro football focus and Daryl Williams, I think might have been PF Fs number one pass blocking off into tackle last year. So if you're not already checking out pro football focus, you should. They're awesome. They've got exclusive data on every play of every game. And if you're really into the fancy part of it,.

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