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All right, Maggie, Frank health and wellness educator and first time guest on the doctor Bob Martin show. You did awesome. Thank you for joining us today on the program, a good health to you. You have a wonderful. You so much for the opportunity. All right. Very good there. She goes Maggie Frank. All right, folks. Now, we have got a heavy lift to get her on the rest of the show today for shore. Just tuning it. The program wanna let you know, we have a health poll question rolling on the website. And I would love for you to give us your opinion of it. And it goes like this right now. There are whispers. There are some people leaving. Voicing their opinion louder than whispers related to bumping the age of tobacco sales from eighteen years of age to twenty one to be able to purchase cigarettes cigars and e six they're going to try to move that level of age up to twenty one are you in favor of that? Yes. Or no. What do you think? Voice your opinion. Please go to my website. At Dr Bob dot com. Spelling out the word. Doctor DO CTO are Bob dot com. And vote on the website on this health poll question are you in favour of bumping the age from eighteen to twenty one to purchase tobacco products cigarettes cigars, six whatever may be even chew tobacco. And I know I've heard all the arguments in the past because we've done shows whole shows on this. You know, if somebody's the most common one at somebody's old enough to go into the military and serve our country shouldn't they be old enough to buy tobacco products. And there's a thousand other ways to rationalize it. But nonetheless, just straight up are you in favour of bumping age from eighteen to twenty one to purchase cigarettes cigars and he six yes. Or no voted Dr Bob dot com. Bob dot com. And once we get our polling data will share the results with you. And we appreciate you participating in that. I want to remind you also that coming up next hour. We're going to have a special guest on a completely different topic a major game changer for so many of you. And I want to encourage you next hour when we have our special guest on to take some notes because it could very well. Save your life or the life of somebody you.

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