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Not only Noah scenario where you're creating a ton of strength, supporting your spine. But also, I mean, the whole time you're doing everything you're doing here. Burn a ton of calories in a calorie ton way, more than you're gonna be burning witness a set of ten reps. A- something in take a minute break in having a little sip water. Like, no like, give yourself six minutes. One of these complexes for the you got this thing in your hand pretty much the whole time. And you're just you just cry a just crushing calories getting stronger enhancing, your your conditioning and. And and it's just such a time saver too. I mean, I I it really and people we all really how how how effective is six minutes. If I did X amount of days a week. I mean, you would be surprised us like I was terrified when I started to get busier and busier with business that. I was gonna literally look like a fraud being being forefront of my fitness business because I didn't have as much time to dedicate to my own training. I was extremely surprised to see that. It was quite the opposite. It's legit, man. It's legit. If you're willing to kind of get after it and do some very simple things in structured manner. The response that your body has is pretty phenomenal. Yeah. And then there's a lot of phases based on where people are at and what their goals are. So again, obviously, you don't wanna start someone off and train them like an advanced athlete if they're not. That's only going to put them in position where they might be compromised in might be hurt which you're not gonna help anyone if right off the bat you throw them to wolf so on there is a clear natural progression. And it it's very simple to use as standalone, or in addition or in conjunction with whatever trading protocol. You're doing at the moment. Yeah. And because they're so I mean, they're so quick. Yes. They're simple workouts. There's so many benefits that you can get regardless of how you add it to your existing training plant, and they're typically always total body based, you know, once you've do just about any excess with the kettle bell unless you were trying to do a curl or something with it. You're training everything. And it's great for post earier strength devout development. There were so many people just don't focus their time and effort, right? And they're they're they're lower back there gluts their hamstrings. You know, just just making you so much more, balanced and strength because we're typically so interior strong. You know, we push the muscles and work the muscles that we. You can see in the mirror and do a lousy job of the bro compliments, bro complex, especially for that. But this is very appealing to many and women. I mean every time I put a kettle bell into a woman's hand. If I was training them or working with them on some level. They love they love it. They love the the how so focused on legs and like lower body because women are typically always kinda trying to change their butts lakes, but women can I mean, I remember when I was in the in the workshop to women were blown out of the water because I was still kind of new to kettle bell training. I was like trying to keep up with them. They were kicking my butt also truth that a lot of the the exercises that really are the basis for what you'll be using in the workouts. I provide are very post your your driven. Yeah. And what really drives that is. Mean literally poster your, but. Yeah. All right. So a lot of the ballistic movements..

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