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What do you have a three hours of raw two hours. This magnates vaguely w and you have an hour of ring of honor and if you if you wanna get to fight. Tv app nwea. There's enough content out there whenever you want it the back then. I had to wait six five on satiety to watch the nwea and whenever the The wwf komo news syndicated pockets. But i will tell you this. We don't talk about the way media and tv fit into it. That whole saturday night. Live thing you know. The first time i ever saw hulk hogan wrestling match was the very first saturday nights. Main event on nbc in nineteen eighty. Five some very first time. I've ever seen wrestling cowboy bob lord right after russell. It was between at right after wrestlemainia. It'd been like a. I don't know when it was feeling bit. It took place after wrestlemainia aired after us maybe resumes in morrison for saturday nights. Main event is probably filmed in between that. Just fresh off. Wrestlemanias where i i. We saw paul orndorff turn baby face by attacking piper in saving hogan against triple team because him because hogan a mystic. 'cause misunderstood around. I'm telling you greytown to be arrested fan. I want to go back and watching this stuff tonight. Now that have the network. And i love watching. Old school rational. We still watch along with the first saturday nights main event we are gonna do a watch along with the first event. Which if you don't know what saturday night made event was you young people. Well that was. That was a staple in what was nbc. But guys just have to understand. What a big deal that this network television saturday. Night live in nineteen eighty-five when you had billy crystal. Jim belushi martin short. You had an all-star cast what what they would call the george steinbrenner casting went out and got the biggest cast three weeks one week. Out of the month was devoted to vince. Mcmahon's province. i'll never forget the second saturday nights vignette cogan nikolai bowl off in a flag match..

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