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Leslie definitely non-roma johnson a derrick jackson. Of course the queen radio. I know dan will well only been in. One of god is loose. Sean brown be xia damn right well. lease scott is in the burn. Hague terry will league more than you. Trina pinker this here. Hey girl see is in the building. What's up charles divert matinees. Is he waiting joy. Jo say yet all of them see a proud card carrying member. I only go all of all while we're all Go to one may well. Maybe i heavily experienced. He's a one town not coming back. As india woman living an level oh. Tricky call limbo. John cochran is a your store. I even john johncock. Who's been in atlanta for twenty years. I can guarantee you before. He found the lord john did for four stays in brooklyn say was from. Staten island brooklyn's firm out there somewhere even people who have found who got the lower they still out stay john. Cochran from radio has been to a shortstop. Well i'll judge nobody. Saint is what it is now. I'm just saying you know. Hey i wanna do. Hey short-stay it up you know. Listen do the show allies. Hey good morning. I can guarantee you sean. Brown oliva get married to that husband over there. God bless him. She's not going to say. Bullish on has creeped at the sean brown. Oliver has creeped out before. Our show is probably never told you that tomorrow. Probably she did lose. Sean brown allah will. I'm going to bet my life on a barbeque. Bolus sean brown. However the sean brown oliver you could see it all over her face that she's been in short stairs at some point before the before the us. Based on with sean. Sean wanna show city barbie hold on a second cook phyllis now we got a whole lot of rooms markets. John san. Hey mr one emoji. Johnny whip. Oh is he. Hey sean hayes. Jones younger nut andre johnson. Earl collins in the building was up earl- valerie. Hey valerie natalie right is here pamela. Do voice dealer. Oh the board are free. Ninety nine lesley. Nicole harris swat mcallister. Sonia murray darlene. Okay ms d. Happy birthday once again. She mykola is here. Hey girl jamaica. Kill the oxygen ready i got. I hit twice Fava sola tracy rates in the building julius gala shaw shelby p. A dorms smith princess cox. Good morning mr robinson The real sakina scott is here. Non-roman robo johnson sipping the lower iq. Marion tabart tiffany thomson. Drew taste clean. Diana's in the building y'all say mornings at the queen the net net net. Serano is here. Hager all here's your not miss your shout out there you go. Maybe brian site the terrible and the building. David jackson is here. Joe louis allen junior danielle williams fabulous tabby fe thomson. Tiffany close sick. Hattie tithing tim. Harriet daryl lion a tricky louis and jane hughes john j g gavin just popped in. Hey john you guys are in the building you're here and you wanna get shot it out. Make sure i know so. I can get you for the next go round. Oh veneta joys. Harry said she's absolutely right but we at the sure. State had the bible in the room. I often out a short bobby go morning. Good morning sneaky daring but actually you. I had a cold. Shaw had call. Good morning bobby. Advert quarter chat man listening on you you talking about our good time our our good you know because these kids now getting locked up people going to jail if people take him baggage whole you know what i'm saying when when doing this you figure if you will see that applaud jam or you went to the movies then you lied. They out from the moment you start it that movie or the gym like okay. I'm going. I'm taking her here. We'll go in here and aptx mcdonalds mcdonalds us able to us by lot din black. You know you got that short-stay illicit in the ladies in a chat room. You know what i'm about. Both bodies was a was no. If ands and points. I was just all about those going right. Let's get out but when you were going out it was like hope bump into somebody stays short-stay if you want to the capri over there pot.

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