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Dan Adams, Kallen, Robert Dude every week on Friday and Forces rock, then Adam's winners and losers for the week. Well, I want to be positive this week and only give, uh, a winner. I think the state health systems starting with Tony Evers, I'm going all the way down. Through your local pharmacist deserve a big pat on the back. We're just killing it when it comes to the distribution of the vaccine, getting the medicine in people's arms. You know, we're hovering around with just below 28% of state raisins getting the first jab. We're just killing it. I mean, compared to many states, Georgia, you know, being out liar. We're getting 10% more of the population with that first jab. We know that the first job give confers some immunity. And as we go forward, getting a Z many jabs in arms quick as we can. Is going to allow our economy toe open up quicker. And you know you don't have to take my word for it. Even rob involved. Eyes is getting accolades to the governor in the state health system. So It's pretty amazing, and I think everybody deserves a little bit of Ah, a pat on the back. Yeah, the walls comment. Sort of. He said that he's doing a better job. Not a great job. Colin Roth, your winners and losers and or losers. Yeah, kind of a repeat, but it it is just one of my favorite times a year in terms of the N C. A a tournament and opening day baseball on the prize in here. I think it's been one of those truly kind of Me at least kind of those returned to normal things to see some some fans in the stands. I know there's going to be fans in the stands for opening day. This was just totally lost last year, and it's It's just been a lot of fun. My loser is just, you know, we all make mistakes. But luckily most of our mistakes cannot be seen from space. That poor crew of the ship and that is blocked. This too, as canal Boy, I've got to be rough. That is a mess of epic proportions and mine. I'm just gonna I'll go with Dan's ideas. The winner. Drug companies. They get beat up a lot. But when we're looking at the vaccines that are now being as dance and putting people's arms right now, Shawn people's arms They just have a lot of credit for wrapping that up as quickly as they did, and frankly, being as effective as they are, which we're not hearing about those horror stories of people that have had severe reactions that's been almost Mill and to the drug companies who often get beat up lots of heavy lifting lots of investments, certainly some from the federal government wise investment and the previous administration. Donald Trump. You have to give some credit there because this has been a very well done. Rollout. Gentlemen, we'll do it again next Friday. Damn scoundrel! Have a great weekend to both of you. Thank you to the biggest issues.

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