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Yeah but it's a really good soundtrack is made it quite how to put it quite an i. Yeah a lot of. It's quite hubbard. But it also builds pay x. Quite a bit. This one graphic. You've not seen a movie heavier. it's one is what happened on my radar for goodness how you really need to see this movie because a scientifically accurate to what we saw of. No i mean obviously the takes scientific liberties you know towards the end to various different bits as well. But obviously i'd say ref- relativity features very heavily on this because basically a wormhole opens up to it or the galaxy whether is a black hole card guy. Ca- don shula and a very saw hidden and depleted nasa a stratified plummets thereby guy could call. It is because the diet. that's nari bathroom. Kandahar is water for group of people who go into this a different Different galaxy to look for planets suitable for here but life and they land on. This plotted is covered with water. The saudi like about a foot deep saw affect who i listed here. It is a bait and it's just like the the you know going on in this music. i'd has seen bits music to it. But because of the proximity of the plot to the black hole taibbi is distorted. So you know the the fairy if you're in a gravity well The all the gravity well distorts space. Tie bed the the slow time will go so we know this to be true because if you have an atomic clock that synchronized with water and he said what it is space of what on the ground. The wanted space will actually run slower. Which would which is why You know nasa whoever does the. Gps satellites after cape reset. The clocks chaired the the orientational. The clocks right to worth because with the wise. Gps wouldn't work so we know it's true. You know i just. I predict today. Eight spayed demonstrated you know in real life to happens. So i said to every one point eight. Three seconds is boo boo is the soundtrack but what that's actually signified is every time. There's a boo so that is what day. Pass it on earth. our isn't it. Yeah but it's it's all of that stuff that goes on in a lot agreeing to it. There's a lot of actual sort of church all good kaieda music as well. But it's a great soundtrack. I think it's probably what about favorite was easter interesting. Whitworth going are going to be discovering that. I recall all of my a collection on disks. I'll be looking lincoln to matrix on the and is about ninety two to sale and this one guy going to seven copies and from the states and yet is a copy scarring so two hundred sixty nine quid. tracing it. i know it is like Keep good feedback because they do pretty much more pressing big many say just the standard one for the matrix on them yet. He's twenty two forty seven. That's the red and blue with you. You're gonna have no that that's just a normal record. She's written blue. Yeah yeah sure. I've got the boy yet. It yeah think you mentioned on the show completely forgotten completely forgot the. I've got that one. A so good retard as well as i might not enough because i was looking at the the picture disk with the audit which you site. Yes coming out on twitter. I was talking to each copy of that great. Yeah well yeah. Because i know that sometimes sal quality is not quite as good on nurse wants to put jeopardy speaking. I tend to be heavier book. I just like picture discs. Thank you refrain in this as well..

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