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Learn by so there in that state we have a fancy utopia hope here on the podcast called the Jeff Walker see. I'm benign hands off later. But I'm very proud woking if I was to make you join walking saw. I mean thinking walking king-size had walker. What would be the first thing you would do on day? One first thing I would do would be to implement a system of national right pricing. One thing that will be tolls on roads. Yes all some mechanism for charging because London. Yes but I think it needs to be done at the national national level because cities are fearful of doing it in case because isn't a level playing field so I think actually having a national road pricing scheme the could be designed to deter her short journeys if it was any more sophisticated it could deter them at certain times of the day or when air quality is poor and I think that would be people with their naturally actually being more aware of their decisions. I think the big problem is once. You've got a car because the fixed cost of the car is so high. You will use it as much as you possibly can to justify. That costs so once. You've got a car you've got caucus in your pocket you're gonNA use it for virtually every trip so national pricing Joe Walker and chief so Bingo. BINGO fiscal burtless said. Let's see some long-term investment plans lots of stop-start and very minor funding in this area. But if you asked me for one thing that you might change orange in one fell swoop. I'd probably say the twenty mile an hour in urban areas. That would make a big difference to the to the feel of areas and make them much more attractive and the good again. My National Road Pricing System would fund improvements. There we go home sold Susan Clarice and gentlemen. Thanks so much John. We'll we're doing the up some in a new way for years. When I spent on the radio I used to do? The show stood up like this. I turned forty. I just start setting down from that point it almost all the shows stunning. Wow Yeah Probably get myself back trouble in later. Life through standing up so much. I was really inspired by by the episode. Yeah that was like an. I think you just have a bit of credit for it because you sort of said the other week or thing we should do something a bit more breath you down to earth. Just just something like Click on an individual guy on you thank you you I mean it's just the business. This isn't a yeah absolutely. I can't imagine anybody's listening to this and I'm in his antiwar you know something interesting. which is that that stuff? The Shane was saying that you psychologically feel better after walking something. I always sort of notice but I don't think thank you just think oh I feel better after war but you don't it's just it must be a function of of the way the brain will have about you get twice as many good ideas And all of that and what Susan was saying it was only something she'd noticed. But if you see kids who've walked to school they tend to be a bit more alert and engage in that that I guess what time with chains theories Raz. Yeah we all want more and we want to see our towns and cities made into more walking friendly environments absolutely as reasons to be cheerful with Jeff. If you've got views on walking particularly if your favorite.

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