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Expands Capacity to 60% for Jim's theaters, Spectator events, Zoos offices. Retail museums and amusement parks. It also means some big summer events are likely coming back like the Illinois state Fair block parties and the Windy city smoke out. The announcement comes as the state continues its pushed Get people vaccinated right now, Four million Illinois INS have been fully vaccinated about 32% of the state's population governor will be joined by Mayor Lightfoot a little bit later this morning for an announcement. Chicago is going to target people who are hesitant to get vaccinated in creative new ways. The city's public health commissioners, Dr Allison, our winnings, everything from me for the very youngest folks. I mean, we've been thinking about how to tie some of this to some of the nightlife and lots of people are going to the laundromat. Lots of people are going to the grocery store. You know, Lots of people are standing in line right, like at the D. M V or this Clerks office or any of these settings where folks are kind of already having to wait, what he says. In settings like those it would be ideal to have a single dose. Johnson and Johnson shots on hand. The city's also planning a vaccine ambassador program, partnering with businesses like barber shops and nail salons where people can get a free service if they get vaccinated. New study suggests Chicago's police shot spotter technology is largely unreliable and sends police unnecessarily to minority neighborhoods, according to a Northwestern University analysis. 89% of shot spotter alerts. Turned up no gun related crime in 86% lead to no report of any crime at all. In less than two years, there were more than 40,000 dead and shot spotter deployments, according to the study. They're like success. The new study critical of shot spotter is off base. I'm not confident that those numbers are actually accurate. But here's what I what I do know, Shot spotter technology when coupled with the camera technology that we have any SC SC rooms No question whatsoever is a lifesaver in shot. Spotter alerts. Let police responded real times you areas where people are hesitant to call 911 and alert authorities to crimes in progress. Recreational marijuana sales keep hitting new records more on that from WGN's James Here. Revenues totaled nearly $115 million in April. That's six million more than March and more than double the average monthly revenue. Last year. The States 110 dispensary sold over two million recreational weed products. At this rate, Illinois is on track along more than $1 billion in pot related sales by the end of the year. James Here's WGN news State customers accounted for $35 Million of that total, and now we WGN sports Here's David. Good morning. Certainly some positives for the Blackhawks this season. The emergence of some young stars the return to form of Alex to break it, the encouraging play goaltender Kevin Langan in but in the end, those weren't enough. Lots, formally knocked out of the playoff picture with a five to loss at Carolina to break it scored his 26th goal for the Hawks dominate. Kubelik had two assists, and goaltender Colin Delia played for the first time in over three months. Game two of the serious Tonight we'll have it at 5 30. The Bulls rallied from 23 down again within one of East leader Philadelphia. Then the Sixers put it away one of 6 95 4th straight loss for the Bulls. Zach Levine missed his 11 straight game but could be back Thursday at Charlotte. But Louise Robert won't be back for a while for the White Sox out of minimum of 12 to 16 weeks. The Tauron hip flexor, according to G. Emmerich. Oddly, now, we're presented with another challenge. And with that challenge, there's gonna be opportunity for other players within the organization. That's going to be something for Tony and the court coaches staff to perhaps get creative with it's gonna be something for those of us in the front office. To respond to, Han says. That could mean looking outside. But for now, Layer Garcia and Billy Hamilton tried to fill in along with Luis Gonzalez out of angles Return still a ways off socks or its Sensi Tonight. Cubs play a split doubleheader today with the Dodgers After last night's postponements. They face Clayton Kershaw and Trevor Bauer, who own a combined four Cy Youngs. Event it w.

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