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So, but he has done a great job step before he's trying like crazy. His defensive numbers are up better. But. If Marcus smart had the anywhere near the ability of any of these other guys on the team, there'd be no question. He was the leader. He's the one they listen to they looked to. And so putting him in the lineup made a ton of sense. He has the respect of that locker room. You know? I'm not sure Tatum and Brown do yet. They've got a ways to go, and you can't fool players. And you know, what it was a good move to move. Gordon? Hayward to the bench for the same reason? Everybody on that team understands how good Gordon Hayward Ken be. But you know, what? Again, they don't have time to wait for what Gordon Haywood Ken be. They need someone that's ready to play now. And I think Brad Stevens did a good thing by moving into the bench because you know, those two are so closely tied because of their connections to Cutler the last thing, you need is your players starting to resent you or your that's your favorite, son. You're giving him chance to chance after chance at the other guys aren't getting none of that's true. He moved Gordon Hayward to the bench Gordon Hayward handled it beautifully. So, you know, I think off they. So for now, I wouldn't touch I wouldn't touch, you know, they could be up to twenty straight by the time. They get to play Milwaukee. Because as you said there's cupcakes coming up. It's usually you mentioned a resentment in you were talking about a different context, but I can't help but read these kyri quotes. And I wasn't there for these interviews in echoes stuff that he said before, but he he just can't stop talking about how he's won a championship. And knows what it feels like to make a big shot in the finals. And look he made one of the five big shots in the history of basketball. He can talk all he wants it. I just wonder like sometimes you just like, I just wonder do you are the other Celtics player's gonna get tired of hearing about this is I don't even mean to make it an issue. It's just every time. I read a Kyrenia you'd physic-. He's talking about what they did in Cleveland. And if I could see the wrong person on the Celtics whoever it is in their head being like man, I don't want to read about the same. We all know we got to game seven less you like it's not like we did nothing. But maybe just maybe I'm reading too much into it. Well, I think unthinking. Has some pretty high status among those guys? Yeah. The young young everyone in the NBA loves kyri. Yeah. I mean, he's you know, what he's accomplished pretty incredible. And I know I remember when they were thinking about trading for him and the word was getting out Rosiere and smart happened to be down. I think it was in Florida, and they ended up playing in a pickup game with Kyrie Irving. And when it was over the two of them were like, can you imagine if he's actually with us? I mean, he's got that wild factor. It's like he put him in the category. Like like, Alan Iverson. Have you ever heard another player ever say a bad word about Alan Iverson? Never never no matter what his foibles might be. He's just got the credit, and you know, it's funny to election degree, Carmelo Anthony. Have you ever heard another player dog Carmelo Anthony? It's usually the coaches in the front office. Right. And so to me is in that status. People have respect for him. And I know he has the respect of that locker room because one of the things he's done, which is really smart. Is he listens? He listens to the other guys. He like he says in the stories AI. I guess I didn't really know what I was doing. You know, he he's not saying he knows it all it's an unbelievable. I'm not going to spoil that quote any further. It's an unbelievable quote from Kyrie that I had to request to make sure I was just saying it correctly. Exactly. So I think he's very much in tune with Gordon really in the preseason before. Gordon had that horrible injury. I didn't get to see those sessions. But everyone told me the two of them the chemistry..

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