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This is episode three O 7 of The Voice by podcast and our 5th edition of the gender debate I news rundown. We have new announcements from slack, Salesforce, grammarly brave, duck duck go, AI 21, DID, and new rumors about Elon Musk and generative AI, Brandon Kaplan from skilled creative and journey joins Eric schwarze and me to break it all down. Welcome back voice by nation and I'll use Cynthia's out there. I'm Brett kinsella, host of The Voice bob podcast. And the founder of voice bought that AI and Cynthia, the leading news sources for tracking the development of conversational AI, generative AI and synthetic media. And guess what? These technologies are all rapidly converging. This is the weekly live stream where we break down the top stories shaping a new industry. On tap today, we have another pack list of announcements from the gender of AI world. We start out with enterprise apps that are adding large language model features. This includes a new chat GPT feature from slack that was developed by OpenAI not by slack. We also have the Einstein GPT feature that Salesforce rolled out this week. And grammarly adds generative AI features for its 30 million users putting it on a collision course with Jasper AI and AI 21s word tune, pretty interesting there. Next up is the evolution of search, both brave and DuckDuckGo have new search summarization features. They're not as ambitious as what Bing and barred are doing, but they do show how quickly search experience is changing. AI 21, a competitor OpenAI, also announced new, larger, more polished large language models, along with a slew of APIs for a variety of LLM features to developers can access by the drink. This is actually pretty interesting. So I know you're going to want to hear what Eric has to say about this. We also have DIDs new virtual human led chat so you can talk to Chet GPT. This leads to a discussion around the role of virtual humans and interactive bot experiences with an avatar with the out and I avatar. How does that change the experience?.

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