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But it was interesting that of all of the pieces that were written on Charlottesville and I mean, jeez, I, I don't even know how you would count how many articles were written about the Charlottesville protest. Last year. It seemed like almost none of them mentioned the numbers mentioned, how many were there? 'cause really was a few hundred people in Charlottesville. I mean, that's that's all it was. And is Michael malice, who was there reporting on? It told us he said that the they were vastly outnumbered by the counter protesters by antifa and whoever else the fuck was there. But anyway, I thought it would be something around the same number as Charlottesville, maybe that's because I don't like keep up with the the alt-right enough. So I wasn't really aware of what was going on behind the scenes. I'm so I thought it would be something like that. And I really did think that another episode like Charlottesville even though I did think that the Washington DC police wouldn't let it get violent the way that it did in Charlottesville. I thought another. I thought they were going to build off last year's momentum. Well, I wasn't. I don't know if I would have said that, but I did think that another demonstration of few hundred white nationalist I, I don't know. I don't wanna mischaracterize anyone, but from what I can tell the the old right or whatever you wanna call that it's kind of like a sloppy term because I don't exactly know how you define what right is, but it seems to be kind of a range from white nationalism to national socialism with some things in between. And to me, a demonstration of a few hundred of those guys would have been a huge win for the Democrats and the left in America and I. And so I thought if that happened, this would end up being a big midterm issue that could really be bad for the Republicans. And none of that happened. None of that happened at all. The truth was that I thought it was a big. For anyone who has a no, he's not paying attention more or less. What happened was I think thirty maybe a white nationalist came out and I, I don't know maybe a thousand counter-protestors something like that. I, I don't know exactly how many protesters, but it was something like a couple of dozen. Alright guys who are out and it was it was a big loss. I think, for the alt-right and a big big loss for the left and the Democrats because it doesn't help them any if this is seen for what it is as kind of a fringe movement that doesn't have any real power influence that no one's really trying to get behind. So it was a big loss for the alt-right, a big loss for the Democrats and the left. And I gotta say, I think it was a big win for everybody else, which would include us. I'm not trying to like kick anybody when they're down or celebrate the fact that the rate is losing steam. I haven't been a fan of a lot of the tactics that have been used against people on the alt-right in order to kind of take away some of their momentum. But the truth is that I think it's a big win for anybody who is opposing the current or. Order, which includes like libertarians Trump supporters. Anybody like whether it's Alex Jones, Gavin, mcginnis, or anyone in that kind of space in the like Trump supporters, anti-globalists right-wingers libertarians, anyone like that. I think it was just it was a big win. To have this whole thing, be a dud. That was my take more or less rob. You were thinking of going, you were going to make it a baker's dozen. We'll sadly you decided to change the schedule on me the week of my big pilgrimage to join my people holdings fortunes protesting the government, but you insisted. No, we're going to do an episode that Sunday and play it safe. So no, I didn't get to be with my brethren down there in Washington DC. I was never planning on doing that pursued. Rob. You caught me all the trick to keep they'd see a Jew like you come in..

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