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One of fight spirit. Never backing down. It's not about quality. It's not about talent. These type of this type of culture that he's alluding to and savvy Salazar, this is not my take. This is sebi's take, which I 100% agree. Years ago, he said you could never have that culture because there is no pickup culture. This goes, this goes to what you and I know of Mexican culture when it comes to footballing culture, which is way alike. It's part of the everyday fabric, and so it's important and part of the fabric and there's a pickup culture wherever you look, it's being played like that, you're not going to have the culture he's talking about. You can have certain type of players that may help you win. They may understand what certain cultures are about, but you won't have as a whole a country of over 360 million with an installed culture when it comes to their sport yet. So he takes a lot of easy outs here. He does. I'm going to take away that I had when reading this article was, when you have an interview with someone who had his position, right? You expect that he would have an idea of the things that need to be done, change in order to what, as he said, to take the next step. But he went really, really, really wide on the topics that he brought to the table. Because he first started talking about talent. Thank you, talk about culture. Then he talked about system, right? That's three completely different things. And my question was, if all of those things need to be changed, then this idea that I at least had, right, that the U.S., the U.S. soccer, the U.S. men's national team, the senior team, was on the right path on the right track towards the World Cup in 2026. Maybe it isn't that so. Maybe things are not quite well as me as an outsider. And you know this by listening to a lot of our colleagues on not only ESP and the portraits but other networks when we compared the Mexican national team and the U.S. men's national team is, oh, those guys, the U.S. men's national team, they are way ahead of where the Mexican national team is. And I thought of that. But now by reading this article, things maybe are not as clear as we thought they were. Well, that's how he ends the article when he's asked if he would change anything structurally internally and he said no. I think that's where you lack self awareness if your Ernie Stewart, a little self reflection. I will aching this to Tata martino Tata martino and his exit interview if you will with the Mexican federation. Stated things you obviously already knew. Accepted no blame, no responsibility. I'm out the door peace out, enjoy. Now what do you make of his assessment of Greg Berg halter as a manager? When he says, we had a good World Cup, things that we did were good. If you take away the scoreboard and the goals, we perform well. What do you make of that? It was just excuses. Listen, he brought in Greg berhalter, so he bears responsibility for grip where holder. If the bar, the minimum, because of 2018 and the failed World Cup objective was to get to the World Cup a and B, get out of the group. That's what they did. And if that's a success to him, then there's your success. Now, is it a success for everybody? No, not necessarily. Was it a good World Cup? Sure. No, was it a great World Cup? No. But wasn't making the round of 16, the bar? Not for this team. Getting out of the group was the bar for this team. And they made it very clear. So by stating your objects. Part of the process, right? Yes. They met expectations. But by seeing this player pool and I would add, by just watching the games, I mean, you had a ridiculous second half where things came crashing down against wells. You could have lost a game. You very lucky to get out of way with the point. You played a worldly against England, still didn't beat them. You tie. And you beat Iran. That's your World Cup. That's your World Cup. You did the bare minimum. And I think that that was the Greg berhalter era, sans Mexico. He said, he also said we're he took over, right? That was probably the worst time in U.S. soccer recent history after not qualifying to the World Cup in 2018. Leaving the bar of the round of 16 I thought it was like reasonable expectations. Now, he keeps talking about player development, talent development. What about coach because he was asked about Greg beholder's successors and he didn't want to commit an answer to that, right? So if there's a conversation to be held about player development and player talent, what about coaching for the U.S. men's national team? Well, he washed his hands of it. You know, he doesn't want to comment on if there's a short list or not. Because that's not on him anymore. It bears repeating that at this exact moment in the U.S. soccer landscape, the U.S. men's national team has no coach. No general manager per Ernie Stewart is to choose the head coach and no sporting director that one would assume would choose the general manager. It shows you where it is. Yeah, you guys are too negative, sometimes with your team. I understand this is a critical situation. I'm not downplaying it, right? You haven't failed out of those positions, cruise ship positions, things are not looking great. But I mean, I still struggle with the thought that what we're true expectations were those expectations met and the talent, the pool of players, some of us believe is actually better than some of you guys think. Well, but that's what we do. I guess some of those things got out of it. All right, talking about talent and players,

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