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Office of fish believed the soviets wasn't safe and a voice simpson and the other officers not to enter the simpson ignored the warning arming themselves with batons from the weapons fault simpson's group left the ameri and moved into the so house leaving office a fish behind office of fish watched the minutes take boy when the offices didn't return to the omri he believe that something had gone terribly wrong and he was wrought although he didn't know it yet escaping inmates had captured worn out simpson and the others the moment i enter the so house the hostage so had become so overcrowded the captured gods were forced the split up between cells four three and four four once again fish called h of the telephones throughout the sohail's and again the telephones went unanswered it was tom the cold the water alcatraz prison warden james johnston was taking a napkin each harm located at the north face than end of alcatraz island he didn't want to bay disturbed so when the telephone rang gladly around two pm mrs johnston was quite dan so fish asked to speak to the warden and mrs johnson dhainaut the request that this was insistent and clearly nervous gordon johnston took the coal and fish told him the some trouble in the sylvia's madonna what it is but i think it's bad the warden immediately matty's why in the main tom officer fish was left with a difficult decision whether or not he should set off the prison along if the sarin was engaged would ring out the three minutes the wooden only alert everyone on the alcatraz all under the prison had been compromised but the sand would travel across the city and let the world number two.

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