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So any touching any hand holding any kissing any dancing was totally off limits. Danny Galvan again remembers being in an offensively Cuiaba where he was told do not look away from the bought sit in your chair facing the bar because if you turn around that could be considered solicitation, if you start looking at the patron, God, well, that would yak balls weightless phone. I wouldn't go to just go to the ball, sit of the bog at your drink like your in a new law. Try and find meaning at the bottom of the glass like nothing. Nothing. That's That's what what it was. it was like. So I'd like to imagine this kind of system like passing notes, Glenn dates. Yeah. Few things mentioned. And I think it was physically Antic light who will mention later on picked up Craig, so they couple while there were some things out cruising. And he says something like oh, you know, he tapped his foot and looked this way. And then they'll like ways of communicating ways of signaling ways of seeing signaling because of these problems in being a ball, mafia. Run gave all it's very common because they were legal underground BAAs, and death. We didn't have to bail these garbage laws while because it was and legal underground Baugh nudged, anyone could get into starring won't you couldn't just walk into the windows, all blacked out and bought it over the doors is being heavy reinforced with steel door and those little people in the door. Too. Yeah. So he'd come up to the door. They look at you say that people if the bouncer recognized you he let you in. They might ask you to describe the inside of the barge approve. You'd already being there. Got in time with friends we get into the best. I can tell you, if you're with someone they knew would get in. And I think that's kind of how they build. That's how words breads. Yeah, that's how they built a community of patrons button is the insides distinct do. Can you just kind of make all what? Like the rundown ball, like you'll be like, yeah, there's a sticky pool table late great mats on the bar, and they'd be like checks out in you go. Thing to say because the mafia wanna make money off staying well, but they didn't really want to put any money into stonewall, lamb, so. Yes. Baas continue. Bob. So the inside is painted black because they wanted to cover up, the five image. I want to put any money into that. Down so dark in here I think it will, I think it must have been like black inside they will alike colored lights and later on. Well, I mean, we're talking about nineteen sixty nine now in about nine sixty eight they installed ultraviolet lights as well. Okay. So it sounds like a nightclub. So it's more like a club in that. I imagine it's filthy. Oh, yeah. We gotta talk about helping people. I mean, if it's super dock and all the lighting is like colored and. There's a health and safety is flat to you. No, no, no. Yes. Speaking of OH behind the ball, there was no running water, cool. So they had to big tall today dispute with water rinse and reuse at all. Yeah, it's pretty bad. Craig blames this for hepatitis outbreak. Amongst game in. I think it was the kind of eight kind of time. I think Craig's long frankly, that sounds medically sound because they'll, it's also get these types of one of them. So there was in the bathrooms are so they would also empty these tubs into the toilets and the toilets. But sometimes by sometimes, I mean, very often flow all over the bathroom floor. Yeah. The water that comes out of a taffeta bathroom is clean zoo. Feeling it up. Put things that you're going to drink in into this, tub any good pregnant aren't glosses. That's ridiculous gloss. I would have come to Stein what with my keep. Yeah. It sounds pretty dia. Police raids also raise the common, the INS did pay off the local police quite a lot of money..

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