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So Aaron Blake. It is just after after eight PM and debate on. The floor of the House has just wrapped up. What were some of the big takeaways that you saw from the latter part of the debate that we saw on the House floor? They really stuck with their partisan lines to a remarkable degree. I think especially on the Republican side when the Ukraine scandal broke the Republicans were reluctant lucked to defend the president's conduct. They were more focused on process issues. I think what you saw on Wednesday was the party. Basically not just arguing that this was as an impeachable but that there was no really bad conduct even there and so that was the case they made throughout the day towards the end of of the speeches they actually started. Kind of getting riled up and excited and kind of cheering each other. I'll tell you what matters speaker let me have just a few months. We start the clock and let me go around to the press corps and everybody here and I'm going to accuse you of something you did it unit it you did it you did it now proven wrong you did it. They don't just hate Donald Trump. Madam Speaker they hate to sixty three million Americans who voted for this president the forgotten booing you hear a lot more in there were disturbances and things like that. Especially when Steve scalise was speaking house will in order. Gentleman may proceed. Thank you Madam Speaker. It's those forgotten men and women of this country that Washington left behind. And what's this president doing for them. He's delivering bring for that. Gave a speech in which he talked about how the Democrats don't just hate president trump. They actually hate this. The sixty three million people who voted for president trump which is pretty intense language to be using about sixty three million Americans. It really is and I think that was the moment where it became evident that Republicans were just defending the president. They think this is something that can be used. Maybe for some political gain. And maybe this is going to be their argument going forward. That's an obviously obviously a very pitched argument to make but they're they're certainly not backing down from it and then when the last people that we heard was house minority leader Kevin McCarthy. What did he? You have to say Kevin McCarthy kind of picked up where Steve scalise had left off Madam Speaker. I must warn you. And he started his speech by saying that he had bad news for the Democrats. Donald J trump is president of the United States. Donald Trump was president his president today he was going to be president tomorrow tomorrow after impeachment and he will be the president when this impeachment is over it was intended to reinforce this idea that this is all about Democrats being sore losers and wanting to get rid of a president that they can't stand and of course president trump certainly is someone that Democrats can't stand but their argument has been that and we saw saw in in Steny Hoyer. The majority leader's closing speech that they had actually voted against impeachment three times when it came up before it was only after Ukraine crane stuff broke that they actually committed to it as a party. Democrats did not choose this impeachment. We did did not wish for it. Now we voted against it. We voted against edged once. We voted against it twice. We voted against it three times as recently as July. We did not what this so now. That House Democrats have finally reached this moment this this critical point that they've been talking about for months or even years. What is it mean? And what does this change for. President Trump Fundamentally I'm not sure it changes a whole lot of the president's numbers haven't changed significantly. Sport support from Peterman is still very evenly divided. It's gotten slightly more evenly divided in the last couple of days and weeks. I think that Democrats went into into this. Mostly hoping that it didn't hurt them. We don't know if that would necessarily be the case. I think it's likely to be more marginal getting how far away the election is But Nancy Pelosi basically signed off on this after resisting it for so long because I think she was convinced that it wouldn't hurt that much at the very least and that it was the right thing thing to do that. It was a check on the president's behavior Whether it ultimately will be a check on on his behavior I think that It's it seems unlikely. He's going to change it up too much but this is the tool that they had at their disposal and they decided to use it but ultimately we're pretty confident in how this is going to end the chances the Senate is actually going to convict. The president are extremely low. So what are we supposed to take away from this. Why Think Democrats won't won't you take away is that president trump will forever be known as the third American President ever to have been impeached? What Republicans are going to want to take away is that this was a completely completely partisan process that Democrats rushed through it that they didn't necessarily get all the evidence that they needed and basically that the president was over? Zealously accused of these things and that this was all about politics. I think that people who are on either side of this debate over the president are likely to Except those arguments very easily without much question and eventually probably in the same position we were before just with that line in. The president's political obituary very probably being added and the question from here of whether it actually weighs upon people's votes in November Karen. Thank you so much. Thank Oh you on Wednesday evening just after eight PM. The House of Representatives voted on the two articles of impeachment on article. One one abuse of power on this spoke the yeas are two hundred and thirty days or one. Ninety seven present. Is One article. One is adopted on article to obstruction of Congress on this vote. The the as are two hundred and twenty nine the nays are one ninety. Eight present. Is One article two is adopted. No Republican member of Congress voted to pass either article. The House stands adjourned to nine. Am Tomorrow. Donald Trump is now the third president in American history to be impeached. The trial against the president is expected to start in the Senate in early January.

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