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Computers. Anyway, done the cash. You know the drill. So. Love it. Yes, in our ongoing efforts to talk to really cool exciting candidates who are running in places where Democrats don't usually run. We have a great interview today with hill. Cherise, David's she's running for congress and kansas's third district, the fighting third. I'm sure it's David and I am the democratic nominee and the Kansas third congressional district. We're in the Kansas City metro area on the Kansas side and I'm running against Representative. Kevin Yoder, Kansas is, you know, it's it's rock chalk. Liberal politics is the the saying, I think, you know, I've heard this rock chalk business and thought Jay hot. So a little bit about cherise. She was raised by a single mom serving the army who is actually a drill sergeant. I definitely think that there's probably a lot of lessons that I learned around a work ethic watching your mom on her own raise three kids. I have two little brothers. Certainly, you know, shows you what hard work looks like. Probably something about senior mom in a in a army uniform growing up and then and then when she's the drill sergeant watching her, I did get to see my mom. At work sometimes and it. It's really cool to see that your your mom is a drill instructor for a group of of young people who have just joined join the military. And so I would say she never had to say job and give me twenty because I certainly was not not trying to not trying to upset my mom. Cherise 's mom was tough, but cherise was pretty tougher south. She was obsessed with Bruce Lee as a kid and actually decided to become an m a fighter..

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