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So I assume that's a lot of questions on what's number two that you're told is of importance to get the deal done. Okay, so actually, number three preseasons number two if you consider economics in testing. Well, that was one be. Hey, I'm just put them on the tears, Right? Love. Here's NFL likes to operate. Okay, Okay. All right. So we got 2/3 here. It's the opt out, so they're talking now. Those two are tied one on and one beer tie one A one b r. I would say on the they're on the same level, but they don't have to be decided The same time testing needs to be decided. Now economics has to be decided. As you said By that 48 day window expired off score like if in golf two people have plus to that next person is actually in third place, not in second place, even though they have the second highest score. So this one is potentially the second most important behind those two, but it's actually because the two tied this is actually three. Not even even ranking. This isn't simple. So anything all right? What's Okay, It's number three. The opt out so players. Okay, Some teams have been confused by this idea of players opting out August 1st versus, opting out before the season even starts, so I I actually had a general manager stated means like I don't get it, so players are going to show up. If this all goes correctly, players are going to show up July 28th But then some guys, they're gonna opt out by August 1st. He's like, why wouldn't they opt out? If guys want to opt out? Why don't they opt out beforehand while the PPA is saying Top That doesn't necessarily have to be before Camp opens because maybe players want to get in there, see what the protocols they're like, Or we all want to see what the protocol's like before players, though. You know, I'm not comfortable with this. I need to pull this opt out is going to be important because there are a number of players across the league. Particularly players who have severely asthmatic symptoms are excuse me severe elements of asthma that they deal with that are really at risk here. So there I've heard some names of Some upper tier guys. You know who Are considering opting out of the season because they're like, Look, I'm at risk. I you know, I just don't know where I could go through this and I've actually told their teammates on text message conversations and leaning to not Playing like I'm probably gonna have top has that opt out. Conversation happened between the two sides about financial and anything like that, or they have not even a broach that subject yet. That's so That's that that's part of what's being hammered out right now. So does the season count Is your contract toll for a year? There's a lot there. There is a lot there, especially whenever you're talking about being vested and everything like I mean, there is a lot there. Yeah, So a guy so you don't want the PPA doesn't want it to be a detriment for someone who's opting out for health reasons to somebody told him. That's what you don't you're not part of the pension yet, Then you know you have to wait because you don't get that extra year. So it's It's weird. It's almost like a little miniature. Ciba is being worked out inside of You know, A C B. A. That takes 10 years to basically negotiate and really three months of beating the living hell out of each other all the sudden they're trying to negotiate one in a two weeks like we didn't have the whole office and what's the fourth? When that opt out, one seems like that's gonna be a real problem. What's the 4th 1? How can't be structured? And so, basically, for example of the Chiefs in the Houston Texans ever misses, all rookies are showing up. They're going to start practicing today. That's not what's happening. Okay? They're showing up there getting tested. We're all going to go home. Okay? And then tomorrow they're going to get tested again. And you know, part of what's going on right now is seeing Can we turn around the tests as quickly as we hope So what the league would like to do is test Monday Wednesday Friday get results back Tuesday, Thursday Saturday. That's the That's the protocols they would like. What you're talking about thousands upon thousands of tests that have to get done, and we saw a major league baseball to start their like none of us have the test back. We're supposed to start now. We don't have that test back, and the league is talking about 234 thousands. If you talk about everybody involved in the process, not just players. Getting these tests every 24 hours. So that's that acclamation process that the players have been all in there. We want to play the acclamation process. I would assume that they're going to have to test everybody. Send them home. Whoever comes back negative. We just got to hope that whoever they want home, Tio didn't infect them. Then they come back. Whoever test positive you locked down for 8 to 10 days until you have another negative test. And then once the negatives are all in the building, then now we got even more problems about who's going home. To who? Who's going? Where? How do we travel? Oh, yeah, they got eight days by the way to figure this all out, Charles, which is why players as you said the acclamation period. They said, Look, we want a three week acclamation period. To make sure everybody's been tested over and over, guys. We're going home. But as you said the 28th if this goes by whatthe rookie protocols go by the veterans are going to show up on the 28th. We're gonna all get tested, right? And then they're all going to go home. Because this is what they're doing with the rookies. Why would they change it for the veterans? It's just this massive quagmire of details that have to be worked out now that said. I asked the pessimist who's kind involved in these talks on Friday. So do you think this is going to get done? And he said He said. We are within spitting distance of most of the issues. But the economic can't spit though that's like one of them. So you know I spent during the negotiation that Xena's Pelleas Campbell, who is a part of these conversations, is an executive committee member of the NFLPA, He told us on Friday like it's gonna go all the way up to the wire, but he thinks it's going to get done as well. And I keep saying If Rob Manfred was able to figure this out, right? Manfred was able to save yourself. I had commissioner back, mister, I think that the NFL be able to figure it out. I hope so. Thanks for laying that out for us. I feel like I just learned a lot. Charles, can I learn something else? Eyes at a 45 calibre on your head there? What is the 45 4? It's in honor of baseball season's starting and the trashcan coming out of mothballs, the Houston Astros. Were the 45. That's Zen Astros hat for everybody who wonders and yes, absolutely. They cheated right now. So let's get moving A nobody appreciated the sports science and Goran Taymor. Then the Houston freaking. We've got bigger fish to fry, and we're still talking about the garbage cans. People are dying are dying out there, Charles. Every time you come on, I appreciate you even more. Yahoo! Sports is lucky They got your brother. Make your brother no problem safe. Alright? Yeah, YouTube Especially down there in Houston, Man Locket Don ladies and gentlemen, Charles Robinson Way got to get to another break here and then we'll wrap up the show. Lot of information will react to that. On the other side of this deep. The's.

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